Ranking All The Songs from The Girl Next Door Soundtrack

The Verve

The Girl Next Door is an American teen comedy feature released in 2004, directed by Luke Greenfield. Several other characters help move the plot along with the story’s main characters. The following list ranks all the songs from the movie and what time they appear, excluding Ellie Goulding’s “I Need Your Love,” which plays over end credits and isn’t heard during the story. Below is a Ranking All The Songs from The Girl Next Door Soundtrack.

27. I believe in a thing called love (T.V. film feature) by The darkness


The trailer features this song from the movie’s beginning when Hunter is all lovey-dovey.

26. Maybe You’re Gone – End Credits. (Unedited Binocular Version) By Binocular


This song is the original version of the Clark Sisters’ “Maybe You’re Gone.” In my opinion, it’s a little bit prettier.

25. One Fine Day (End Credits) by Alastair Binks


The last song is the end credits. It’s a cover of “One Fine Day” by The Chiffons, which you can listen to here.

24. Atlantis (1:33) (Single Version) by Donovan


This song plays as Matthew is getting ready to play “Fantasy Island.” This scene reveals that Brandy uses Matthew and Hunter to make Matthew’s dad notice her.

23. Baba O’Riley (1:41) by The Who


This song plays during the movie’s biggest twist. If you haven’t seen this movie before, you must be living under a rock.

22. This Year’s Love (0:30) by David Gray


This song plays as Brandy and Matthew kiss in the rain.

21. Sparrows Over Birmingham (1:32) by Josh Rouse


After Brandy wakes up at the movie’s end, this song plays as she hears Matthew outside. She goes out to meet him, and as you can see from the title, it’s a reference to the story “Sparrows over Birmingham.”

20. Lucky Man (1:28) by The Verve


The last song is during the big party that Brandy throws. This scene also has a cameo from YASMINE BLEETH as a reporter.

19. Mannish Boy (1:21) by Muddy Waters


This song is the last time we see Brandy and Matthew together, as she notices all of the little things he does for her. Hunter walks in and scares Matthew off.

18. Lapdance by N.E.R.D.


This song is used as a joke after Brandy throws up all over Matthew.

17. What’s Going On (1:20) by Marvin Gaye


This song is set when Hunter leads Paul and Brandy to bury the baggies. The lyrics of this song can be interpreted a couple of ways, but I think the most appropriate meaning would be that it applies to all of the characters somehow.

16. The Plan by Paul Haslinger


The song is when Paul realizes that he’s the only one who knows the truth about what happened to Hunter, and he tries desperately to get Brandy to confess.

15. Sweet Home Alabama (1:16) by Lynyrd Skynyrd


This is the part of the story where Brandy calls up her mom, Matthew tells his dad how he feels, Paul hooks up with Hunter’s ex-girlfriend, and Matthew realizes he’s falling in love with Brandy. It’s sung by the rock group Lynryd Skynyrd, which is one of the most talented, most famous bands in modern history.

14. Lady Marmalade (1:10) by Patti Labelle


This is the full version of “Lady Marmalade,” which you can listen to here. I chose this version because it’s more upbeat, and it’s the version I remember from “Moulin Rouge.”

13. Lady Marmalade – (1:10) “Moulin Rouge” Soundtrack by Christina Aguilera, Mya, Lil’ Kim, P!Nk


This song is Brandy’s “A-Ha” moment as she realizes that she’s been a fool. In this scene, Brandy stands up for herself, warns of the other girls, and takes charge of her own life.

12. Mondo ’77 by LOOPER


This song is first heard at the movie’s end after Brandy realizes how much Matthew loves her. It’s also on the radio while they’re driving away from the school.

11. Get Naked (0:51) by Methods of Mayhem


This song is the first time we hear Hunter and Brandy sing together. At this point in the movie, Hunter lets his guard down, leading to his downfall.

10. Spin Spin Sugar (0:42) by Sneaker Pimps


This song is played during the infamous “Spin the Bottle” scene. If you’ve never seen this movie, I’m not going to spoil why this song is at this moment, but it’s a pretty cool scene.

9. Dopes to Infinity (0:41) by Monster Magnet


This song is for the big party, where everyone gets together and has a good time. While at the party, we find out that Brandy loves Matthew, Paul is hooking up with his ex-girlfriend, and Hunter is hoping that no one finds out about his drug problem.

8. Suffering (0:38) by Satchel


The song is the first time we see Brandy and Matthew together, and it’s also when she falls in love with him for the first time.

7. Slayed (0:26) by Overseer


The song is introduced right after Hunter puts the meds in Matthew’s drink. It also transitions into the next scene, where Brandy lures Matthew out to the pool. This song is pretty cool, it’s not one I’d heard of before, but I love it now that I’ve listened to it a couple of times.

6. Take a Picture (0:22) by Filter


Matthew wakes up after having an epiphany, realizes something wrong with his girlfriend, and leaves the party. The song is about someone who wants to leave their life behind.

5. Something in the Air (0:18) by Thunderclap Newman


The song is about teenage rebellion and the beginning of breaking free of your parent’s rules. I like most about this scene because of the very subtle nod to The Breakfast Club, with the Circle being drawn on the ground.

4. Peeping Matt by Paul Haslinger


This is the part of the story where Matthew realizes that things are getting out of hand, so he decides to have a little fun at his neighbor’s expense.

3. The Killing Moon (0:12) by Echo & the Bunnymen


The song is about death but fits the story’s mood (especially when it starts playing during these scenes). Reminds me of grade 10 all those years ago.

2. Carpe Beachum by Paul Haslinger


The song opens the beach party, the first time we see all of the main characters together and having a good time (before everything goes downhill). Find it and listen to it if you’ve never heard the song. It’s amazing.

1. Under Pressure (0:02) Opening montage by Queen, David Bowie


The song is about drug addicts, but it fits with the beginning of the story, where Hunter has to find a new way (one that doesn’t involve drugs) to deal with the problems that his new lifestyle has brought into his life. Plus, who doesn’t love Queen and David Bowie?


Most of the songs on the soundtrack aren’t that great, but I do find it interesting that “Lady Marmalade” and “Sweet Home Alabama” were added to the film. What do you think?

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