The 10 Best Ellie Goulding Songs of All-Time

Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding is an English singer-songwriter who rose to success in the 2010s. So far, she has released just four studio albums. However, Goulding has nonetheless had a respectable number of hits.

10. Outside


Goulding has performed a considerable number of songs with other artists. To name an example, there is “Outside,” which wasn’t her first but rather her second collaboration with the DJ Calvin Harris. Said song was a solid follow-up to its predecessor. However, it might have been too similar, with the result that it never managed to reach the same heights. Still, said song can be considered one of Goulding’s better songs.

9. First Time


Speaking of which, “First Time” is the product of another partnership. In its case, it was a collaboration between Goulding and the DJ Kygo, as shown by how it was released on the latter’s first studio album Stargazing. Given the name of “First Time,” it should come as no surprise to learn that it is a musing about the simple emotion of youthful love from an adult’s perspective, which turned out to be surprisingly interesting.

8. Powerful


“Powerful” was a collaboration between three parties rather than two. Of course, Goulding was one of the parties. Meanwhile, the other two were the DJ trio Major Lazer and the Jamaican singer Tarrus Riley. The two vocalists paired very well with one another, thus enabling “Powerful” to live up to its name.

7. Anything Could Happen


When it came out in 2012, “Anything Could Happen” had a lot riding upon it. This was because it was the first single from Goulding’s second studio album Halcyon, which was following in the footsteps of an extremely successful predecessor. Fortunately, “Anything Could Happen” managed to stand out in a very unusual but nonetheless pleasant way by being a very optimistic song. Something that contributed to its considerable success, thus enabling it to stand alongside its predecessors to some extent.

6. Explosions


Speaking of which, “Explosions” was another single from Halcyon. In its case, it was an excellent reminder of Goulding’s ability to bring out emotion in her listeners without making it feel unnatural. As such, while “Explosions” isn’t unique, it is nonetheless deserving of a decent position on this list.

5. I Need Your Love


Love songs are made in huge numbers on a constant basis. As a result, it is that much more impressive when one of them manage to claw their way to the forefront of the pack. “I Need Your Love” was a considerable hit when it came out in 2013, as shown by how it was nominated for both the British Single and the British Video of the Year at the Brit Awards. On a related note, this would be Goulding’s first collaboration with Calvin Harris, which explains why “Outside” had such high expectations to live up to.

4. Lights


Given the name, one might expect that “Lights” was the title track on Goulding’s debut studio album of the same name. However, that isn’t the case. Instead, “Lights” was a single from the re-issued version of her debut studio album, which was called Bright Lights rather than Lights. Subject-wise, it wasn’t particularly stand-out, seeing as how it was about Goulding’s childhood fear of the darkness. However, her vocals made it much more appealing than what most people would have expected based on the premise, so much so that the song went quintuple platinum in the United States while spending more than a year’s time on the Billboard Hot 100. Something that no more than a small number of songs can claim. Naturally, “Lights” also did very well in a wide range of other countries.

3. On My Mind


It is very common for people to interpret “On My Mind” as Goulding’s answer to Ed Sheeran’s “Don’t.” After all, “Don’t” was very clearly a song about a short-lived relationship that Sheeran had with another singer. Meanwhile, “On My Mind” was about the contrast between the head and the heart while using the example of an ill-advised one-night stand to illustrate the point. Having said that, Goulding has always denied this interpretation, which interested individuals might want to keep in mind. Whatever the exact source of inspiration, the song was quite catchy, particularly because it benefited from Goulding’s consistently excellent vocals. Thanks to that, it managed to make quite a splash when it came out in 2015.

2. Love Me Like You Do


“Love Me Like You Do” is a love song about craving someone even though the interaction hurts. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it was recorded for the soundtrack of the movie of Fifty Shades of Grey, which came out in 2015. Whatever one might think about the movie to which it was attached, “Love Me Like You Do” is remarkable music that shows an intriguing mix of strength and vulnerability. As such, it is deserving of being remembered with fondness.

1. Burn


Originally, “Burn” was meant for Leona Lewis, who recorded it but never included it in her third studio album Glassheart. As a result, Goulding picked it up for her re-issue of her second studio album, which was called Halcyon Days rather than Halcyon. That was a good move because “Burn” has gone on to become one of her most iconic singles, as shown by its multiple nominations at the Brit Awards as well as its excellent sales around the world. On the whole, it was an excellent dance song that did a great deal to further remind people of Goulding’s talent in this regard.

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