Ranking All Four Ed Sheeran Studio Albums

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran’s rise to super-stardom was swift once his music was introduced to the world. The red-haired British artist took the pop world by storm and has made a significant impact on the world as one of the most popular new artists of the decade. Ed Sheeran is also an artist. He worked on the covers for his albums. He went on hiatus for a while to focus on other aspects of his life, but he remains one of the hottest commodities in the music world of this decade. Here are Ed Sheeran’s four studio albums ranked in the order of their popularity with fans and critics alike.

4. “No 6 Collaborations Project”


According to This Dig, the No. 6 Collaborations Project was released in 2019. It was a brilliant finished project that included collaborations from a variety of US-based hip-hop and rhythm and blues artists including Khalid, Travis Scott, and others. This was Sheeran’s fourth studio album, however, in terms of popularity, it stands as his fourth most popular. This album shows his versatility as it crosses over a variety of genres in the various collaborations for creating the tracks. It’s an album that offers something for almost everyone. Some of the most notable tracks include “South of the Border” with Cardi B. and Camila Cabello, “I Don’t Care” with Justin Bieber, “Remember the Name” with Eminem and 50 Cent, and “Blow” with Bruno Mars and Chris Stapleton.

3. “x”


According to Return of Rock, “x” was released in 2014. Certainly, the title is nothing to get audiences excited with its simple title that uses a mathematical symbol. If you’re not familiar with Ed Sheeran, you’re not likely to know what to expect. Of the four studio albums he released, this is the third most popular, but then again, everything from Ed Sheeran, in our estimation is good stuff. He’s the real deal and the tracks in this album continue to showcase his talents. Songs on this album echo a resounding message of comfort during the loss of a loved one, the beginnings of romantic relationships, and in general, words that describe the human experience. The 12 tracks on this album include some of his most moving songs including “I’m a Mess,” “Photograph,” “Runaway,” “Thinking Out Loud,” “Don’t” and several others that move audiences in ways that few artists can. Although the third in popularity, this album was a big hit with most songs garnering attention. Ed Sheeran doesn’t need to use fillers on his album because he has so much to say that the content is always top-notch.

2. “+”


This album contains 16 tracks including “Wake Me Up,” ” Drunk,” “Lego House,” “The City,” “Small Bump,” “The A-Team,” and several other hits. This album was released in 2011 as Ed’s debut studio album. It was a lovely introduction to the up-and-coming superstar. The music gave us a taste of the sweetness of his vocals and the sincerity of his lyrical contributions. In addition, the cover of the album features a simple yet positive tone with the plus symbol. Sheeran is fond of mathematical symbols which give us our first clue that he is fond of using logic, but he blends it so well with his songs about what it is to be an emotional human being that the two concepts, although opposites, lend a sense of balance which introduces Sheeran as someone we may all want to become better acquainted with. The album cover is a brilliant artistic endeavor. The music beneath the cover makes us want more from him. From the very beginning, Ed Sheeran was on his way to becoming an international superstar and an iconic figure in pop music. Plus served its purpose quite well and it’s likely to remain one of the favorite Ed Sheeran albums of all time regardless of how many more he releases in the years to come. It was lauded as one of the best debut albums of the decade, not only for Ed Sheeran but covering the gamut of artists putting their work out there during that decade. Sheeran started his career out on the right foot.

1. “Divide”


“Divide” is an album that took on a bit of a different vibe than his previous work. This studio album was released in 2017. We love the approach that Sheeran took with this album by infusing songs from his ancestral background with a Celtic influence including “Galway Girl,” and “Nancy Mulligan.” Sheeran could have done very well by merely sticking to ballads but the versatile artist has so much to offer that his talents serve us best when he mixes things up and adds a little variety. This album features some of Sheeran’s most popular hits including “Shape of You,” and “Castle on the Hill,” a few of his best pop songs. Ed Sheeran has set the expectation of delivering a variety of different genres on his albums and it’s what fans have come to expect. So far, he hasn’t let anyone down and there seems to be something for everyone on his releases. “Divide” is so far, the most highly rated album he has released to date, and it’s going to take something very special to take its place in the top position. The release of “No. 6 Project,” in 2019, although ranked as the fourth most popular is the best for variety and mixing things up, but it’s hard to beat “Divide for its versatility and it contains more of the pure Ed Sheeran sounds, not combined with projects undertaken with other artists. When it comes to the preferences of fans, it’s great when he collaborates with other artists, but in the end, we’re wanting to hear more of Ed Sheeran singing solo tracks.

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