Ranking All The Songs from the American Pie 2 Soundtrack

Blink 182

The American Pie series started up with some very successful sex comedies. For context, the first movie managed to bring in $235.5 million at the box office on a $11 million budget. Something that pretty much guaranteed the making of American Pie 2. As it turned out, the second movie was even more successful. For proof, look no further than the fact that it managed to bring in $287.6 million on a $30 million budget, thus making it the single most successful movie of the series. One of the factors that contributed to American Pie 2’s success was its soundtrack, which wasn’t always great but was quite decent at reflecting its intended audience.

16. “Cheating” – Jettingham


There are some movie soundtracks that feature nothing but the best of the best. However, the American Pie 2 soundtrack isn’t one of them. Getting one of their songs onto this movie soundtrack seems to have been the highlight of this pop punk band’s career.

15. “(I’m Gonna) Split This Room in Half” – Uncle Kracker


Speaking of which, Uncle Kracker is a much better-known name when it comes to music. Suffice to say that he has better songs than this one.

14. “Bring You Down” – Left Front Tire


Originality can be overrated. Fundamentally, there are so many musicians making so much music that most subjects have been covered at some point. Furthermore, even when someone makes a song about something that is truly original, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it was a good choice for them to do so. Having said that, “Bring You Down” is a song about a subject that had been covered extensively even when it came out for the first time. Even worse, it was a poorer effort than a lot of those predecessors.

13. “Here’s One for You” – Witness


“Here’s One for You” is unusual in that it was on some versions of the American Pie 2 soundtrack but not on others. Besides that, it isn’t particularly notable in any way.

12. “Always Getting Over You” – Angela Ammons


Angela Ammons was a singer-songwriter who was active around the turn of the millennium. However, she was never very notable, with the result that she apparently eventually went on to become a photographer. “Always Getting Over You” reflects that.

11. “Phoebe Cates” – Fenix*TX


This is one of those songs that manage to be both catchy and cringey. For context, Phoebe Cates was a teen idol of the 1980s. This song is pretty much exactly what one would expect from something with this kind of name on this kind of movie soundtrack.

10. “Susan” – The Exit


The Exit was around for the better part of the 2000s. Their music was interesting in that it was a mix of indie rock, post-punk, and reggae. Thanks to that, “Susan” manages to stand out better than a lot of the other songs on this movie soundtrack.

9. “I Will” – Lucia Cifarelli


Lucia Cifarelli was already a veteran of the music industry when she made this song. Since then, she has continued making industrial music as well as other kinds of rock. Unfortunately, “I Will” is decent but nothing more than that.

8. “Good (For a Woman)” – Alien Ant Farm


Alien Ant Farm is actually quite well-known in the context of American Pie 2 because of their cover of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.” This song is nowhere near that notable, though it isn’t the worst thing ever released either.

7. “Halo” – Oleander


Oleander was one of the numerous post-grunge bands that were active in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Fortunately, they weren’t quite as stereotypical-sounding as what one might expect based on that description. Something that enables their song “Halo” to secure this position on this list.

6. “Scumbag” – Green Day


Green Day is quite a bit older than most of the other acts on this soundtrack. Even so, it is perhaps unsurprising to learn that it has a song on the American Pie 2 soundtrack. Having said that, “Scumbag” isn’t one of their more memorable songs, though it is the kind of thing that can be enjoyable when listened to from time to time.

5. “Smokescreen” – Flying Blind


As mentioned earlier, originality can be overrated. “Smokescreen” isn’t a one-of-a-kind wonder song that had never been done before and has never been done since. Instead, it is just a very well-put-together pop punk song, which makes it great for people who enjoy that kind of music.

4. “Vertigo” – American Hi-Fi


American Hi-Fi started up in the late 1990s and has continued into the present time. “Vertigo” isn’t one of the band’s hits. Even so, the song deserves this position for being an excellent example of very solid turn-of-the-millennium pop rock.

3. “Be Like That” – 3 Doors Down


At the time, “Be Like That” was one of 3 Doors Down’s most famous songs, which makes sense because it was the fourth single from the band’s debut studio album. It has managed to age well enough. However, 3 Doors Down went on to make better music that is now quite old in its own right.

2. “Fat Lip” – Sum 41


Sum 41 can be considered one of the better-known bands on this movie soundtrack. Moreover, “Fat Lip” has the distinction of being the band’s most successful single ever released, which is pretty respectable considering that the band has managed to release seven studio albums and counting.

1. “Everytime I Look for You” – Blink-182


Blink-182 was huge at around the turn of the millennium. In fact, the band was so popular that it wouldn’t be exaggerating that say that it was emblematic of the same generation that was targeted by the American Pie series. Unsurprisingly, that means that “Everytime I Look for You” has a very high and very well-earned position on this list.

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