The 10 Best Songs from the Luca Soundtrack


Luca is a film about a boy who gets lost within his world and the friends he finds along the way. The main character, Luca, lives in a too-small world for him in the film. He escapes from his struggles with a massive imagination and fun times with his friends. Jesse Andrews, the screenwriter for Luca, wrote a book of the same name. The book talks about his own experiences of getting lost within his imagination as a kid. He would escape from dealing with anxiety and everything else that he didn’t want to deal with by imagining himself in any number of wild situations. He’d imagine he was a famous singer or a racecar driver. He could be anything that he wanted to be in his world. Luca is a fun and wild adventure that anyone can enjoy. The songs from the soundtrack are ones you’ll want to have on hand so you can listen to them whenever you need to escape reality. There are many songs throughout the film that help tell this story beautifully. In honor of the release of Luca on Netflix, here are the 10 best songs from the Luca soundtrack.

10. Un bacio a mezzanotte by QUARTETTO CETRA


Luca’s theme song is heard throughout the film. A great accompaniment to Luca’s imagination and his unique experience. This soundtrack is a great addition to the Italian music genre, which is present throughout the film. This song sounds very familiar to some pieces you might have heard before, but it is certainly unique.

9. Tintarella di luna by MINA


This song has a very clear message behind it. It talks about a young girl who is heartbroken over losing her first love. The singer tries to convince the girl that there are plenty more fish in the sea and find another person to be with. The message fits well with what occurs throughout this part of the story.

8. Andavo a Cento All’ora by GIANNI MORANDI


This song is the Italian version of the famous American song “Going 100 Miles an hour” by Gary Numan. This version has nothing to do with Luca or its storyline other than being sung in Italian. However, this song does have a very catchy beat that you might find yourself humming later on during your day. It’s a fun song to dance along with.

7. Viva la pappa col pomodoro by RITA PAVONE


This song sounds like something you would hear at a carnival. The lyrics tell the story of a girl and boy who love each other and the magic they create together. This is another fun song that will get stuck in your head after listening to it just one time. It also has some great Italian music genres on it, which are great to have within this film genre.

6. Meet Luca by DAN ROMER


This song is played during the end credits of Luca. It’s a very fun song that speaks to the imagination and creativity seen throughout the film. In this case, it represents how children get their best ideas from things they see around them or within their minds. Dan Romer did a great job with this piece connecting to the entire story.

5. The Curious Fish by DAN ROMER


‘The Curious Fish’ plays around the middle of the film, and it’s another fun, catchy piece that you will enjoy listening to repeatedly. The music is similar to “Meet Luca” but different enough to differentiate between the two songs. It is a great addition to the film and is fun to listen to during parts of the movie where something important or exciting is happening.

4. Phantom Tail by DAN ROMER


“Phantom Tail” is an interesting song because it has a very nice melody, but the sounds are very ominous and foreshadowing. Dan Romer’s music always portrays emotions that you might not understand at first, such as this one. There is no context in the film of why Luca would be singing about something like this. This song is just one of the many mysteries throughout the film that might leave you with questions but makes you excited to find out more.

3. Vespa è Libertà by DAN ROMER


Vespa è Libertà a very fun and upbeat song that makes you want to grab a pillow and start dancing around the room. The instruments are very simple and mind soothing, but they fit well with what happens during this part of the film. This also gives an insight into what Luca’s personality might be like.

2. Silenzio Bruno by DAN ROMER


This is one of our favorite pieces from the Luca soundtrack. It’s sung by an older man who has become very lonely because he doesn’t have any real friends and his family has left him behind. Dan Romer puts you in a place where it feels like this man has been stranded out at sea all alone with no hope of rescue. This piece reflects how some people feel in real life when they are excluded from the rest of the world around them, which is a very sad thought.

1. Take Me, Gravity by DAN ROMER


“Take Me, Gravity” is focused on the character Luca again. The hermonics depics how he feels like he is dying despite feeling amazing at the same time. It’s another piece by Dan Romer that will make you think and feel mixed emotions throughout the song. This is one of those songs that will stick with you after listening to it.


Luca is a movie that has many well-done songs in it. It’s great because you will want to come back and listen to them for years to come. I think each song reflects the film and characters very well, and they form a good soundtrack for the entire experience of watching Luca. As always, Dan Romer did an amazing job. I would recommend this for any fan of his music or anyone looking to expand their horizons and enjoy something different than what they are used to.

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