Ranking the 10 Best Songs from The Men in Black Soundtrack

Men In Black

One of the best comedy classic films filled with hilarious moments from beginning to the end has to be the American comedy film Men in Black. The film is a reference to a comic book by the name of Men in Black by Lowell Cummingham. The film features two agents from the secret organization Men In Black, Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. The agents were sent to the field to exterminate a “bug,” a giant villainous alien cockroach that had inhabited the body of a farmer.

The aliens threaten to destroy New York City, and agents J and K neutralize the situation by using a pen called a neuralyzer that erases memories of those who witnessed the aliens’ activities. Agents J and K are able to conceal the secrecy of the Men in Black organization. The Men in the Black film is a commercial success, holding an average score of 7.3/10 on IMDB. The original movie’s success features subsequent sequels: Men in Black II, Men in Black III, and Men in Black: International. The film has two different soundtracks: a score by Danny Elfman and an album of songs  Men in Black: The Album. This article ranks ten of the best songs from the Men in Black Soundtrack.

10. M.I.B Main Theme – Danny Elfman


This track is by Danny Elfman and consists of fascinating orchestral and instrumental sounds. This music sound effect was used as the intro of the movie Men in Black making the movie more interesting to watch. Once you listen to this buzzing soundtrack, it will play in your head all day.

9. The ‘Notic – The Roots ft D’Angelo & Erykah Badu


This song was released in July 1997 by the talented hip hop group The Roots. The song featured D’Angelo and Erykah Badu, who brought a special kind of chemistry to the whole song. Lyrically the song is about a tale of love and loss. Black Thought is seen in love with a woman called Alana, who later disappears from his life. This is a beautiful masterpiece that would resonate with anyone who has loved and lost.

8. Same Ol’ Thing – A Tribe Called Quest


A Tribe Called Quest is arguably one of the greatest hip-hop groups from New York. This 1997 track was explicitly written for the Men In Black soundtrack. However, it was later included in one of their EPs titled The Jam. “Same Ol’ Thing” is a creative ballad about elevating your mind and lifestyle and as an old-school hip hop fan, it is one of my favourites. However, the song is pretty good and has a smooth beat, and the bassline is wild.

7. Escobar ‘97” – Nas


“Escobar” was a song by one of the greatest American rappers, Nas, who nicknamed himself Esco in reference to Pablo Escobar, a Colombian cocaine dealer. Although Nas’ music is underrated, his fans refer to him as a lyrical genius and love him for his flow and lyrics that talk about his tough upbringing in Queensbridge.

6. Dah Dee Dah – Alicia Keys


This song has an R&B and hip-hop sound, and beautiful guitar riffs compliment Alicia Keys’ pure and smooth vocals, making it such a beautiful song. The song is quite lovely as Alicia Keys is seen in to be in love and vulnerable, which is seen in how she expresses her feelings to the love of her life. However, although Alicia Keys was not quite famous when the soundtrack was released, the song’s inclusion was probably a sign of things to come from the talented Grammy Award-winning singer.

5. Killing Time – Destiny’s Child


“Killing Time” was released in 1997 by Destiny’s Child as a promotional single. However, although the trio who later had successful music careers were not so famous, their beautiful vocals and deep lyricism make this song quite brilliant. The song was a great addition to the Men in Black soundtrack.

4. Make You Happy – Trey Lorenz


Over the course of Trey Lorenz’s music career, he sings iconic tunes, one of them on the Men in Black soundtrack. “Make You Happy” is a slow ballad and an incredible love song. However, Trey Lorenz’s more profound moments of his voice take fans by surprise as he sings passionately about being in love.

3. Just Cruisin – Will Smith


This is another legendary song of Will Smith, released in November 1997 from his best award-winning album, Big Willie Style. “Just Cruisin” is a tremendous classic summer song that is smooth and full of positive energy. However, the critics feel positive about this song and it is a double A-side cassette.

2. Men in Black – Will Smith


This track was released In June 1997 on Will Smith’s solo album, Big Willie Style. In the song, Will Smith describes the Men in Black as men who “walk in shadow, move in silence.” The chorus of the song features Coko of SWV (Sister With Voices), who also provides extra background vocals making this song a legendary tune. However, the song is successful and is the Best Rap Solo Performance during the Grammy Awards in 1998.

1. We Just Wanna Party With You – Snoop Dogg ft Jermaine Dupri


This is the European single for the movie the Men in Black soundtrack album. The features of the song are from American band Kool and the Gang’s hit single, “Get Down On It.” Regardless of this single not having a music video, it had significant radio airplay and emerged at number fifty-eight on the US R&B/ Hip-Hop Airplay chart.

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