Will there be a part 9 of Netflix comedy The Ranch?

The Ranch season 8 release on Netflix last Friday on January 24th, 2020. Will there a part 9 of the series? Here’s everything we know about that.

The latest brand new episodes are officially referred to as the second half of Season 4 (or Part 8). But also too many fans online have been calling the episodes like “Season 8.” We don’t make any confusion, we share our thoughts with the new episodes as Part 8. In this new season or part reveals a few surprises. Also, the most memorable moment the answer to Part 7 “Who shot Nick?” and what happens he? Colt, Beau, and Luke are all on their way to confront Nick. However, the troublemaker ex-partner of Mary coming with new stories.

Is there be a part 9 of The Ranch?

We don’t use this series canceled but we could say here won’t be any new episodes for Part 9 of The Ranch on Netflix. When we back to June 2019, the series famous actor Ashton Kutcher announce on Twitter that the series would be coming to a final after the fourth season (Part 7 and Part 8).

Here’s the official description of this show:

Raise a glass and get ready to take one last ride to The Ranch. With Iron River Ranch now in a competitor’s hands and more trouble on the horizon, Colt, Beau and the rest of the Bennetts must band together as they face an uncertain future.

The series stars Ashton Kutcher, Elisha Cuthbert, and Sam Elliott. Created by Don Reo and Jim Patterson. We don’t forget because this series was the first comedy of the Netflix streaming platform.

The Ranch part 8 consists and releases on Friday, January 24 on Netflix of 10 brand new episodes. With the final, we have a total of 80 episodes as the series. Check out the final Part 8 trailer below.

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