The 10 Best Chapel Hart Songs of All-Time

Chapel Hart, a country music group comprising Danica Hart, Devynn Hart, and Trea Swindle, has been heralded as the “next big thing.” Still, record labels are yet to accept them as the new face of country music.

Yet, you would think that stars like Charlie Pride, Darius Rucker, and Tracy Chapman paved the way. All the same, nothing is stopping the group from doing what they love most – making music and their third album is set for release on May 19, 2023. They still have quite a collection, so here are the ten best Chapel Hart songs of all time.

10. Welcome to Fist City

According to Yahoo, when Chapel Hart released “You Can Have Him, Jolene,” Loretta Lynn posted on social media, wondering if the group could cover one of her songs. Unfortunately, Lynn passed away before the trio could take up the challenge. Still, better than never; thus, “Welcome to Fist City” is a remake of Lynn’s “Fist City.” Danica shared her sentiments about the song, saying she believed the late singer would have been proud of the rendition.

9. I Will Follow

This song is a collaborative effort of songwriters Nick Brophy, Jennifer Hanson, and Savannah Keyes. According to Black Star News, Chapel Hart knew the instant they heard the song they had to have it. Listening to it, they delivered perfectly as they entice you to follow your heart. The trio reveals it is a testimony of their lives during the coronavirus pandemic when they decided to take their advice. They believe that the first step towards a road less traveled helped them become the sensation they are today.

8. Jacqui’s Song

Sometimes, the wake-up call you are waiting for does not come in the way you expect. For instance, Chapel Hart never imagined the death of a close friend would be the fuel needed to chase their dreams. According to Outsider, Jacqui was the girlfriend of the band’s keyboard player. Unfortunately, during the T-Bois Blues Festival in 2016, her tent was struck by lightning, and she lost her life at 28. The death was an eye-opener for the trio, who acknowledged how fragile and short life can be. Thus, the song is a tribute to their dear friend.

7. Just Say I Love You

“I love you” are the three magic words everyone longs to hear and Chapel Hart is no different. Of course, some say them for the sake of it, so the trio insists they only matter when coming from the heart. While there are various languages of love, Chapel Hart opines that the actual words are not cliché, and one does not have to overanalyze how to say them. The words never run out of style, so no need to fear sounding cliché. The female artists add that while writing a rhyming poem and serenading show some effort, simply saying, “I love you” is enough.

6. Daddy Do

With Father’s Day around the corner, this might be the best song to dedicate to your father. Chapel Hart does not take responsible fathers for granted, so they sing that while some daddies do what they can for their children, some do not. So be it a simple hug or holding their children’s hands for reassurance, every small gesture is appreciated. The trio takes you down memory lane, recognizing all your father did for you when you were a child. The video ends with a wedding father-daughter dance, one of the most cherished moments in a girl’s life.

5. Whenever Forever

Love songs never grow old, and Chapel Hart knows this and came up with this beautiful song. It talks about loving someone forever until death parts them. It seems to be inspired by Don Williams’ “Till the Rivers All Run Dry” because the late gentle giant of country music also said he would love the character in his song until the sun fell out of the sky. Chapel Hart says they will love till the oceans run dry, and the sun can be seen in the midnight sky.

4. Country Paradise

One trait popular among country musicians is the love they have for their hometowns. Parton sings about her Tennessee country home; John Denver cannot wait for the country road to take him to West Virginia, and Tim McGraw is nostalgic for the place where the green grows. Chapel Hart also loves the countryside which is only comparable to paradise. They are at peace in the country’s paradise where even without much money, everything seems to be alright.

3. Jesus & Alcohol

The video begins with Danica standing at the altar waiting for her groom, who does not show up, so she runs out in tears. Breaking up is never easy, and this song is relatable on so many levels. Some drown their heartache in alcohol, while others ask God why things did not work out. Well, sometimes, you need a little bit of both Jesus and alcohol to get some answers, as Chapel Harts belts out. Danica, even justifies the resolve to take some bourbon, saying that even Jesus turned water into wine.

2. Made For Me

According to Country Note, “Made For Me” was written by the three female artists to tell the story of how they grew up in Poplarville. They aspired to be musicians, so they faced their fears of leaving their hometown to pursue their dreams in New Orleans. After achieving their ambitions, the music group felt it right to shoot the video in the two places they attributed their success to – New Orleans and Poplarville.

1. You Can Have Him Jolene

“Jolene” is Dolly Parton’s most successful song and people have come up with different versions of responses to the song. One of the best responses came from Chapel Hart. Unlike Parton, who begged Jolene to leave her man alone, this female group was not ready to compete with another woman for a man’s attention. So, they tell Jolene she can have him. The trio even performed the song on “America’s Got Talent,” earning them the golden buzzer.

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