Rammstein working with Balenciaga for a merch collection and a playlist

Popular German industrial metal band Rammstein partnered with Balenciaga for a new merchandise collection, and the band made a playlist.

Rammstein is one of the most beloved metal bands all around the world. The Germany-based industrial metal band astonishes everyone with its unique style and live performances, though it’s kind of impossible to see those performances those days. Anyways, while making their fans wait a bit more for their next album, Rammstein partnered with Balenciaga for a merchandise collection that includes a hoodie, t-shirts, a bag, an explorer backpack, a raincoat, and a long-sleeve t-shirt. You can check Balenciaga’s not-very-cheap Rammstein merchandise collection here.

rammstein x balenciaga

The items from the collection are expectedly high-priced, given the brand value and luxury of Balenciaga. In addition to this, Rammstein is a very popular band, which makes the demand for the collection even higher, thus the price, too. The limited collection is available online and in some selected stores.

In addition to the collection, Balenciaga released a playlist on Apple Music, on which the popular designer is a curator. Rammstein selected the songs in that playlist, which includes tracks from popular musicians and bands such as Slipknot and Arctic Monkeys.

When is the next Rammstein album coming?

We know that the band spent the quarantine working on some new songs, as they could not attend live shows because of the pandemic. They delayed their 2020 summer tour to this year, and now, they rescheduled it yet again to summer 2022. Fortunately, among all those bad news, Rammstein revealed that they were not idle during all that time, and they worked on a new album. The recording session of that album finished at the beginning of March, but we don’t know when they’re going to release it. We expect Rammstein’s next album to have been announced by the end of this summer, but there’s no official update on that yet. We’ll see what the future brings.

If you’re searching for some new Rammstein music, here’s what the drummer Christoph Schneider was working on earlier.


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