Rammstein Europe Stadium Tour has been delayed to 2022

Rammstein has announced that its Europe Stadium Tour is postponed again because of the pandemic restrictions in various locations, this time to 2022.

Rammstein is forced to postpone its Europe Stadium Tour again, leaving the waiting fans with a piece of disappointing but expected news. The tour was supposed to take place in Summer 2021, but restrictions related to the pandemic made it impossible for the legendary German industrial metal band to perform live. In the official announcement, Rammstein said that they will be using this off-time working on some new songs, which comes as a good piece of news for Rammstein fans who are desperately waiting for some new tracks.

Rammstein Europe Stadium Tour postponed to 2022


The band has also shared some precious information about the new tour dates, revealing that the show in Belfast will be totally canceled. Those who had tickets for the Belfast show will be refunded. Here are the new tour dates announced by Rammstein.

20.05.2022 Leipzig, Red Bull Arena Leipzig (rescheduled from 29.05.2020 & 22.05.2021)
21.05.2022 Leipzig, Red Bull Arena Leipzig (rescheduled from 30.05.2020 & 23.05.2021)
25.05.2022 Klagenfurt, Wörthersee Stadion (rescheduled from 25.05.2020 & 27.05.2021)
30.05.2022 Zurich, Stadion Letzigrund (rescheduled from 06.06.2020 & 05.07.2021)
31.05.2022 Zurich, Stadion Letzigrund (rescheduled from 07.06.2020 & 06.07.2021)
04.06.2022 Berlin, Olympiastadion (rescheduled from 04.07.2020 & 05.06.2021)
05.06.2022 Berlin, Olympiastadion (rescheduled from 05.07.2020 & 06.06.2021)
10.06.2022 Stuttgart, Cannstatter Wasen (rescheduled from 02.06.2020 & 31.05.2021, Mercedes-Benz Arena)
11.06.2022 Stuttgart, Cannstatter Wasen (rescheduled from 03.06.2020 & 01.06.2021, Mercedes-Benz Arena)
14.06.2022 Hamburg, Volksparkstadion (rescheduled from 01.07.2020 & 30.06.2021)
15.06.2022 Hamburg, Volksparkstadion (rescheduled from 02.07.2020 & 01.07.2021)
18.06.2022 Düsseldorf, Merkur Spiel-Arena (rescheduled from 27.06.2020 & 26.06.2021)
19.06.2022 Düsseldorf, Merkur Spiel-Arena (rescheduled from 28.06.2020 & 27.06.2021)
22.06.2022 Aarhus, Ceres Park (rescheduled from 04.08.2020 & 23.06.2021)
26.06.2022 Coventry, Ricoh Arena (rescheduled from 20.06.2020 & 19.06.2021)
30.06.2022 Cardiff, Principality Stadium (rescheduled from 14.06.2020 & 16.06.2021)
04.07.2022 Nijmegen, Goffertpark (rescheduled from 24.06.2020 & 03.08.2021)
08.07.2022 Lyon, Groupama Stadium (rescheduled from 09.07.2020 & 09.07.2021)
09.07.2022 Lyon, Groupama Stadium (rescheduled from 10.07.2020 & 10.07.2021)
12.07.2022 Turin, Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino (rescheduled from 13.07.2020 & 13.07.2021)
16.07.2022 Warsaw, PGE Narodowy (rescheduled from 17.07.2020 & 17.07.2021)
20.07.2022 Tallinn, Song Festival Grounds (rescheduled from 21.07.2020 & 21.07.2021)
24.07.2022 Oslo, Bjerke Travbane (rescheduled from Trondheim 26. & 27.07.2020 Granåsen & 25.07.2021 Leangen Travbane)
29.07.2022 Gothenburg, Ullevi Stadium (rescheduled from 31.07.2020 & 30.07.2021)
30.07.2022 Gothenburg, Ullevi Stadium (rescheduled from 01.08.2020 & 31.07.2021)
03.08.2022 Ostend, Park De Nieuwe Koers (rescheduled from 10.06.2020 & 07.08.2021)
Belfast, Boucher Road Playing Fields (canceled from 17.06.2020 & 12.06.2021)

New album details of Rammstein

Rammstein has recently announced that they have finished the recording for their new album, but we do not know when it is going to release yet. To wait until then, you can check out a video they posted, possibly including a performance from a new song.


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