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METALLICA Plays National Anthem Before at Baseball Game: Watch

METALLICA performs the national anthem before the September 23 baseball game. This baseball game between San Francisco Giants and the Colorado Rockies teams.

San Francisco Giants are finding a way to keep a long-running Oracle Park tradition. They also passing even in a year where access is limited to throw out the first pitch. On Wednesday, famous thrash metal legends METALLICA‘s guitarist Kirk Hammett and frontman James Hetfield took place virtually played “The Star-Spangled Banner”  anthem song.

Because of the ongoing pandemic, a lot of live events suspended but some bands like METALLICA still improving the process. They recently appeared for the eighth consecutive season, the San Francisco Giants will have the metal band play the national anthem before a home game.

Also, METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett talks about this game:

“They’re always a pleasure. Come on, to be able to support a hometown team in the best possible way, it’s a huge honor. And also to be able to play the national anthem for a hometown team, that’s just beyond huge. As a native San Franciscan, the honor to be a civil servant for San Francisco cannot be higher for me to play the national anthem with James for the Giants.”

You can watch their performs below.

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