Rammstein vocalist Till Lindemann tested negative for coronavirus

Rammstein just shares a report Till Lindemann tested negative for COVİD-19 (coronavirus). They had to because earlier today news spread about Lindemann’s tested positive but this not true.

Today, the German famous news website Bild reported that Till Lindemann diagnosed with COVID-19. He was also in intensive care in Berlin. Then they report Lindemann’s condition that he was infected with the new type coronavirus. He performs the last in Moscow for the solo project. After that performance, he returns to Germany and he was going to the hospital by an emergency health problem. He complaints with an extremely high fever and diagnosed with pneumonia.

Rammstein posted a statement on their social media accounts and wrote:

“Yesterday evening Till Lindemann was admitted to a hospital on the band’s doctor’s advice. He spent the night in intensive care but has been moved as he is feeling better. Till has tested negative for the coronavirus.”

There’re a few metal musicians who have diagnosed or have likely diagnosed, coronavirus includes Chuck Billy, Exodus’ Gary Holt, Death Angel’s Will Carroll, Crown the Empire’s Brandon Hoover and Ozzy Osbourne’s latest album producer Andrew Watt.

Coronavirus has surpassed 500,000 cases reported worldwide, with 25,000 deaths recorded. Please be careful about COVİD-19 and keep your distance of six feet from other people. You can read Rammstein’s statement about Till Lindemann below.


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