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Three Days Grace

Since the band was formed in 2003, Three Days Grace have etched their names in the hearts of rock fans. They’ve topped charts, broken records, and sold millions of records worldwide. In addition, they hold the record for having the most number-one singles at Active Rock Radio. Three Days Grace is a Canadian band that hails from Ontario. The band consists of Adam Gontier, the lead vocalist, Neil Sanderson, the drummer and backing vocalist, and Brad Walst. In the late ’90s, the band used ‘to play at local parties in and around Norwood using their original name “Groundswell.” The band later recruited Barry Stock in 2003 as the band lead guitarist. Matt Walst of “My Darkest Days,” who also happens to be Brad Walst’s younger brother, joined the band later in 2013 after Adam Gontier left. The band has released five studio albums since their debut studio album “Three Days Grace.” which they released in 2003. The band’s first three albums were certified platinum in the US and Canada. The band’s style is predominantly hard rock and nu-metal, although their second album One-X featured a couple of guitar solos and a more melodic sound. “Transit of Venus,” which was the band’s fourth album, contained several electronic influences.

10. The Good Life


The Good Life is the second track from The Three Days Grace’s 2009 album, “Life Starts Now.”The song has some amazing vocals, beats, and the lyrics are superb. The song was first released on the radio airplay on 9th February 2010. The track rose to number one into the US Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart and was performed in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

9. The Mountain


Matt Walsh silences his haters in this track. “The Mountain” is the first track from Three Days Grace’s sixth album, “Outsider.” The song reached peaked at number one on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart. Brad Waist, the bassist, said the song was about overcoming the daily difficulties in life. If you love encouraging songs, “The Mountain” should not miss on your playlist.

8. Break


“Break” is the lead track from The Three Days Grace’s third studio album, “Life Starts Now.” Adam Gontier, the band’s primary songwriter, wrote the song while Howard Benson produced it. The song is about letting loose of all negative influences and difficulties that come along with life and dealing with these issues.

7. Chalk Outline


However good Matt is, older fans of the band cannot deny the fact that they miss Adam. In their older songs, Adam was different class. The track was released in 2012 from the band’s fourth album, “Transit of Venus”. The song was massively popular, and it stayed for ten weeks on the U.S. Active Rock Chart. The track also won Loudwire’s Rock Song of the Year award.

6. Never Too Late


It’s easy to see why “One-X”, the band’s second studio album, was certified double and triple platinum in the U.S and Canada. “Never Too Late” is the third song from the album, and it is a masterpiece. It is said that you enjoy music when you are happy, but you understand it when you are sad/depressed. This song is about being in a hopeless situation in life but managing to get through it.

5. Just Like You


You do not have to change to be like another person. You just need to be yourself. This is the main message behind this song. The song was sought of a breakthrough for the band with it being their first number one song in the U.S. Billboard Modern Rock Tracks and Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks.

4. Painkiller


Matt Walsh is a great lyricist, and his voice is also amazing. However, his energy on stage is something else. This track was released in 2014 from the band’s fifth studio album, “Human.”The song is about how you can be addicted to something and how that addiction taunts you to wanting it more. “Painkiller” peaked at position 1 in US Mainstream Rock Weekly charts and was certified gold in Canada and the USA.

3. I Am Machine

Although most Three Days Grace fans were sad that Adam left, they took little time to appreciate Matt’s talent. “I Am Machine” is a great song, much like “Painkiller,” although it’s a lot heavier and a bit more repetitive. The great drumming and amazing rhythm in the song are much better if you can understand the lyrics. The song is about a guy who wishes he could feel the emotions that ordinary people think because he does not have any emotions. He, therefore, feels like a machine since he wants to feel everything but he can’t.

2. I Hate Everything About Me


“I Hate Everything About Me” is a song from the band’s debut album “Three Days Grace” rhythmic was released in 2003, and it is a song that we can relate to 18 years later (now). The song is about a man and woman who are in a relationship but hate each other. However, when they think about it carefully, they realize that they love each other. The track stayed on the charts for 45 weeks running and was ranked as the 130th best performing song among Rock songs of the decade. The song starts out with an incredible riff, and Adam’s voice in the song is just amazing. The song narrowly misses out on the top spot in our list of Three Days Grace’s best songs of all time.

1. Animal I Have Become


“Animal I Have Become” takes the top spot in our list of the Top 10 Three Days Grace songs of all time. It is my favorite song from the band’s “One-X” album. Dean Karr directs the video of the song, and it begins with Adam Gontier asleep in his messed up bedroom with a monster on top of him. He later gets up and dresses up before walking through the streets of Ontario. As he looks at himself in the mirror, he sees himself as a monstrous entity with shocking teeth and an enormous mouth. In addition to the video, Adam’s amazing vocals in the song and the remarkable instrumentals in the entire song ensure that the song takes the top spot in our list of the best Three Days Grace songs of all time.

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