The 10 Best Darryl Worley Songs of All Time

Darryl Worley is best known these days as the host of the Tennessee River Run charity foundation event that raises funds for St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and the Le Bonheur Children’s Medical Center.

The country and western singer and songwriter hit the charts in the late 1990s and early 2000s with six albums and 18 singles released. Here are the ten best Darryl Worley songs of all time, as rated by his fans, for your enjoyment.

10. “Awful, Beautiful Life”

Darryl wrote the song “Awful Beautiful Life” in 2004. The song charted in 2004 when it rose to number twenty-three on the country music charts. It gained popularity over the year, and by 2005, it landed firmly in the number ten position, according to Playback.

Worley co-wrote this touching and beautiful song with Harley Allen, telling the story of Becky and her struggle to find life and happiness again after the death of her husband Mark to suicide. It’s a song of hope that resonates with those who’ve known tragedy and found the grace and faith to move on with their lives.

9. “Family Tree”

“Family Tree, dropped in 2002, making it to the top 100 charts in the number ninety-seven spot. Over a year, it rose a notch, making it to 96th place.

The song appeared on the “I Miss My Friend” album as an upbeat song about living life, dancing, working, raising kids, and enjoying the simple pleasures that life has to offer, with an emphasis on the joys of adding another limb to the family tree with the arrival of a new baby.

The lyrics highlight the enjoyment of raising kids and welcoming more into the fold.

8. “Sounds Like Life To Me”

“Sounds Like Life To Me” is the titular song from the album of the same name. The album came out in 2009, telling the story of a friend who turned to alcohol when life’s ups and down got the better of him.

His wiser friend encourages him to “suck it up” and adds, “It sounds like life to me.” Worley penned a positive message for everyone who goes through runs of tough luck when everything seems to go wrong. The practical message is set forth by the lyrics. It made it a popular tune among country and western music fans.

7. “I Will Hold My Ground”

Worley co-wrote “I Will Hold My Ground” with artist Frank Rogers. The song came out in November of 2003 on the “Have You Forgotten?” album under the DreamWorks label, according to Music VF.

The lyrics powerfully highlight the integrity and strength it takes to stand and fight for what you believe to be right. It’s about upholding your principles regardless of what’s happening around you. It became one of his most beloved songs in the countdown of his top ten best works ever.

6. “Tennessee River Run”

If you’re ready for the weekend and need inspiration about how to spend your time, “Tennessee River Run” lays out an enjoyable scenario. Darryl Worley released the song on his “I Miss My Friend” album in 2002, and it became a fan favorite. It’s about heading out on the water for a weekend fishing, drinking cold beer, and having fun with friends and family.

5. “Have You Forgotten?”

“Have You Forgotten” is the title song to the album of the same name, released in March of 2003. Darryl Worley wrote the song with Wynn Varsble under the DreamWorks label. It hit the US charts on its debut and hit #22 on March 15, 2003.

The tune’s popularity continued to increase, reaching the number one spot in its peak position on August 3, 2003. It’s one of the biggest hits of Worley’s career.

4. “Wake Up America”

“Wake Up America” is a concerted effort from Frank Rogers, Chris Stapleton, and Darryl Worley. The talented songwriters combined their skills to create a statement about the heartbreak and ongoing problem with addiction in America.

It’s a call to all concerned parties to take responsibility and do their part to help end the tragedy of drug use in our nation. The stirring anthem came out on the “Darryl Worley” album in 2004, according to All Music, in what may be one of his best lyrical accomplishments. It didn’t hurt that he had a little help from his friends.

3. “Best of Both Worlds”

Worley co-wrote “Best of Both Worlds with James “Jimmy” Brown. The song dropped in 2009 on the “Sounds Like Life” album, becoming yet another of Worley’s top country hits. The singer describes the lady in his life who has the perfect balance of “angel” and a “wild side.” She’s just enough to keep him thoroughly satisfied to be with her.

2. “If Something Should Happen”

Darryl Worley released the song “If Something Should Happen” on his self-titled album in 2004, according to Country Thang Daily. It’s a song about the fears of a soldier stationed at Camp Lejeune as he faces the doctor with a cancer diagnosis.

He doesn’t know if he’ll live to coach his son’s sports team or be there for his wife. He’s asking an old buddy to watch over his family “If something should happen,” and they didn’t catch the disease in time. This song is from songwriters Dan Demay, Dave Turnbull, and Jim Brown, and it became one of the most moving songs of Worley’s musical career.

1. “When You Need My Love”

Darryl Worley and Wnn Varble co-wrote “When You Need My Love” and released the tune on the “Hard Rain Don’t Last” album in 2000. Although one of his earlier hits, the song is a favorite, as it touches so many men and women who have faithfully served as the go-to for a lover in a relationship with someone else. It’s about a man in love with a woman who only turns to him when she gets in a fight with her significant other.

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