The 10 Best Conor Maynard Songs of All-Time

Conor Maynard is an English singer who rose to prominence in the early 2010s. Primarily, that was because of his debut studio album Contrast, which contained the hit song “Can’t Say No.”

Since then, he has continued making music, as shown by his most recent single, “If I Ever,” in 2023. Only time can tell what else Maynard will release in the times to come. For now, there are two studio albums plus a surprising number of non-studio album singles to judge him by.

Here is our opinion of the ten best Conor Maynard songs ever released:

10. “Whenever”

One look at Maynard’s list of releases will make it clear that he is fond of collaborations. Strictly speaking, “Whenever” isn’t one of his songs. However, it is still on this list because he provided the extra vocals that made it what it is.

For those unfamiliar, “Whenever” is an adaptation of Shakira’s “Whenever, Wherever” by the DJs Kris Kross Amsterdam and The Boy Next Door. It was surprisingly popular when it came out in 2018, so much so that it became a Top 10 hit in four European countries.

9. “I’m Famous”

“I’m Famous” is another example of Maynard’s fondness for collaborations. In this case, he was the featured artist on the one-time YouTuber Marcus Butler’s 2016 single. Curiously, “I’m Famous” managed to carve out a place for itself in the United Kingdom, where it peaked at the number 85 position.

8. “Ain’t Got No Friends”

“Ain’t Got No Friends” is one of five singles Maynard released in 2021. It is his take on a familiar theme – the man who is happy because he has love even though he has nothing else. Of course, if one wants to be cynical, one could wonder how long that situation will last. After all, financial issues have a well-earned reputation for being one of the leading causes of breakups.

7. “Talking About”

“Talking About” marked the start of an unfortunate trend in Maynard’s music. There was nothing wrong with the song itself. Instead, the issue is that it was the first of Maynard’s singles to miss the Top 10 in the United Kingdom. Indeed, “Talking About” didn’t even make it into the Top 40 because it peaked at the number 44 position. Still, the song is enjoyable enough, thus enabling it to earn a position on this list.

6. “R U Crazy”

Speaking of which, “R U Crazy” was the single that preceded “Talking About.” It wasn’t one of the songs on Maynard’s debut studio album Contrast. Rather, it was a single meant for his follow-up before he decided to stop making studio albums altogether.

Either way, “R U Crazy” boasted an updated sound, which makes sense because it reflected Maynard’s increased experience. Moreover, it did quite well, as shown by how it climbed to the number 4 position before stopping there. Something that enabled it to tie for the position of Maynard’s second most popular single.

5. “Vegas Girl”

“Vegas Girl” would be the other contender for the position of Maynard’s second most popular single. In 2012, it managed to peak at the number 4 position in the United Kingdom. However, one can make a decent case for “Vegas Girl” being the more popular of the two because it showed up on the charts of several other countries.

For example, it reached number 22 in Ireland. Similarly, it hit number 27 in the United States and number 75 in Australia. On the whole, “Vegas Girl” was a bit cliched but listenable enough.

4. “You Broke Me First”

“You Broke Me First” is a single from 2020. Specifically, the Canadian singer Tate McRae released it on her EP Too Young to Be Sad, which proved quite successful because of a surge of popularity on TikTok.

Subject-wise, the song is about refusing to feel sympathy for a selfish ex who ditched the viewpoint character a while ago before crawling unceremoniously back, thus explaining much about the title. Maynard wasn’t the one who recorded the original version of the song, but he did make an excellent acoustic cover.

3. “Turn Around”

“Turn Around” is another single from Contrast. It is famous for featuring Ne-Yo, who became Maynard’s mentor in the late 2000s. Interested individuals should know that the man didn’t just perform the song. He was also one of the people who wrote it. The others were Benny Blanco and Stargate, who had already worked together on previous occasions.

2. “Animal”

Maynard released “Animal” as the final single from his debut studio album. Despite this, the song was in no way inferior to its counterparts, seeing as how it peaked at the number 6 position in the United Kingdom. “Animal” was another song that saw the involvement of numerous individuals.

Maynard was one of the eight-person team who wrote it. Furthermore, the song featured the vocals of Wiley, who was already famous in those days for being one of the originators of grime.

1. “Can’t Say No”

Unsurprisingly, “Can’t Say No” occupies the top of this list. It isn’t the song that made Maynard known. He had already come to the attention of a sizable swathe of the public by the early 2010s. Still, the song got his career started spectacularly because it went to the number 2 position in the United Kingdom.

Even now, “Can’t Say No” remains Maynard’s single best-known song because it remains his single most successful song. Indeed, it gave Contrast a significant boost, meaning it contributed to the success of its follow-ups as well.

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