The 10 Best Frankie Ruiz Songs of All-Time

During the 1980s and ’90s, salsa music became a staple in many parts of the world. Prior to that, it had been something that was reserved almost exclusively for individuals living in Puerto Rico or other areas of a similar nature.

The 1980s changed all of that. During that time, one of the genre’s most famous individuals was Frankie Ruiz. He became something of an icon in this particular genre of music and he remained active in performing various genres up until his death in the late 1990s.

Below are 10 of his best songs. If you get a chance, give at least a few of them a listen and see what you think. You might end up falling in love with a genre of music that you’ve failed to pay a great deal of attention to prior to now.

10. Quiero Llenarte (1987)

This is one of the most popular love songs in the salsa music genre. The lyrics talk about wanting to be with someone badly. They go on to talk about imagining what it would be like to touch that particular individual’s skin, to be close to them and make love with them.

As the song progresses, these lyrics go on to discuss fulfilling each other, not just from a physical perspective but emotionally and spiritually as well. Many have argued that the song is truly about loving someone with your whole heart and never being ashamed for having done so.

9. Me Dejo (1989)

This particular tune tells a certain story where the individual in question simply allows another person to get away with practically anything they want to do, all because he wants to be with them so badly that he won’t stand up to them.

This is a story that a lot of people can relate to. In fact, most people have had at least one of these types of relationships in their life, maybe more. The problem is that a relationship like this isn’t sustainable.

No matter how badly you want to be with that individual, it’s never going to work if you’re constantly bending over backwards to please them at every turn.

8. Imposible Amor (1987)

Here you have a song about a love that is supposed to be impossible to achieve. You’ve probably heard of people talk about this type of thing in the past. Some people say that unconditional love doesn’t exist, at least not for human beings.

That being said, there are probably more people that would argue that it does indeed exist. It may not be something that you see a lot of the time, but it is possible to love someone so much that you put all of your own selfishness aside for that particular individual.

That’s exactly what the lyrics in this song speak to.

7. Esta cobardia (1985)

It probably won’t come as any surprise that this is another song about love. However, this one is quite different from the example that’s listed in the above paragraph. Here, the singer is telling a story about loving someone from afar.

He wants to be with this individual, in fact he dreams about it on a daily basis. However, he doesn’t believe that it’s something that will work out in reality, so he admires her from a distance while keeping his feelings about her to himself.

6. Si Te Entregas a Mi (1988)

This love song is more about lust than love. It talks about being overcome by another person’s physical characteristics. The lyrics refer to having a strong desire to kiss this individual’s lips and take their body in their own arms, all for the sake of having a physical relationship.

5. La Rueda (1992)

This is a bit of a sad song because it talks about loving someone, yet that love is in many ways unrequited. The person in the story has a deep affection for an individual that is always focused on something else.

This significant other, if you will, tends to focus more on their own goals than anything related to this person. As a result, the one who is in love often watches them as they proceed through their life from a distance, wishing that things could be different.

Much of that time, the object of his affection isn’t even aware that he’s paying any attention. Worse yet, it doesn’t seem that it would really change the way they do things even if they were to suddenly become aware of his feelings.

4. La Cura (1985)

Whenever you’re looking for a good dose of reality, this is an excellent song to listen to. As a matter of fact, the lyrics deal directly with this type of subject matter. It’s a song about healing, not only in the physical sense but as a whole person.

Much of that healing comes with a great deal of pain because it forces the individual in question to experience hard truths that they have deliberately ignored for years. It’s only when they begin to face the things that they’ve been running from that they truly begin to get better.

The song is a good reminder for all of us when we would prefer not to face some aspect of ourselves that we will only continue to repeat the same mistakes until we become bold enough to confront those traits that we often wish didn’t exist in the first place.

3. Tu Me Vuelves Loco (1993)

Have you ever been in a relationship where you knew it wasn’t any good for you and you were trying to do the right thing, yet the other person in the relationship kept drawing you back in?

If you have, then you will understand exactly what the lyrics to this song are all about. They progress to the point that the person telling the story is asking the other person to let him out of the relationship because it’s unhealthy. Instead, he keeps getting drawn back in and the two of them repeat this cycle over and over again.

2. Deseandote (1989)

Maybe you’ve met someone while you’re out in public that you instantly connected with. You just knew that there was something special about them and you had to know more about them. That’s what these lyrics discuss. They talk about some random encounter with another person that ends up turning into something much more significant.

1. Tu Con El (1985)

Last but not least, you have a song about being in love with someone even though you know that they’re actually spending time with someone else when they’re supposed to be with you.

The lyrics talk about the pain involved in knowing that a person’s significant other is cheating on them. They go on to talk about not really knowing how to handle the situation.

The person in the story doesn’t want the relationship to end, yet he knows that it can’t go on like this. Sadly, this is a situation that far too many people have experienced in real life.

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