The 10 Best Andy Gibb Songs of All-Time

Andy Gibb

Anybody who was alive during the 1970s and early 1980s is bound to be familiar with the name Andy Gibb. Known as being the younger brother in The Bee Gees, he’s also known for making some of his own music and for being an actor as well. As a matter of fact, many people considered him and the rest of the group synonymous with that particular point in time. That said, there is an opportunity that an entire audience of younger individuals have never heard any of his music. Whether you’re a huge fan or you’re just hearing the name for the first time, here are 10 of his most beloved songs, ranked from number 10 to number one. There’s a YouTube link to each one, so go check out his music for yourself and see what you think.

10. Don’t Throw It All Away (1978)


This is one of the prominent love songs from the late 1970s. It focuses on a couple that were once in love, only to realize that one half of that couple seems to be largely disinterested in continuing the relationship. The song lyrics focus on asking that person not to throw away the relationship and all the love that has been put into it. In short, the song is about convincing this individual to stay the course and keep trying to make the relationship work as opposed to giving up on everything.

9. Words and Music (1977)


This is one of the more unique songs that’s ever been performed, as it talks about the beauty of songs in their own right. The words and music that are talked about in the lyrics refer to the ability of a song to transform the way that a person feels, to inspire them to do something new and to breach the boundaries that often serve as walls of separation between people of different cultures. At the end of the day, it’s all about the power of music to reach people in a way that nothing else really can.

8. An Everlasting Love (1978)


People have a tendency to think that this song is about something very happy. They genuinely think that it’s meant to talk about a type of love that can’t be broken, no matter what type of challenges are thrown at it. In reality, the song actually talks about someone who thought they had found that type of love with another person, only to watch them manipulate them in every way possible. The lyrics then go on to talk about hoping to find that special type of love at some point in the future and wondering whether or not it’s even possible to do so.

7. I Just Wanna Be Your Everything (1977)


The title of this song is rather self-explanatory. It’s a love song in the truest sense of the genre. While the singer talks about wanting to be everything that the person he’s falling in love with wants and needs in order to live their best life. If you’ve ever loved someone enough that you are willing to do virtually anything for them just to see them be happy, then you know what this song is really about.

6. Thicker Than Water (1977)


This particular song is another love song, one that talks about how love is more important than virtually anything else in the world. You’ve probably heard the term that blood is thicker than water in the past. This is another take on that particular phrase. In this particular case, it means that love is more important than anything and that everything else takes second place once you fall in love. Any person who has ever truly been in love knows that this is indeed true.

5. Why (1978)


This is another love song, but it’s definitely one with a more melancholy feel to it. It talks about being on the verge of losing the love of your life and how when this type of situation occurs, you have to fight with everything you have in you in order to make sure that it doesn’t happen. It is a song that is actually phrased on March to those situations where you know that something is genuinely Worth Fighting For.

4. Will You Love Me Tomorrow? (1980)


As you might have guessed, this is a love song that poses a question. The singer wants to know whether or not his love interest is still going to feel the same way that she feels after a certain amount of time passes. It’s easy to believe that love will always burn as brightly as it does on any given day when that love is brand-new, but most people that have been in love a time or two are well aware that something as simple as the passage of time can sometimes cause these feelings change when they’re not intensive to begin with. Love isn’t always easy. That’s because you have to be able to love someone through both the good and the bad experiences. That’s precisely why the singer is asking that question, wanting to know whether or not his love interest will still feel the same way in the future, no matter what happens.

3. I Can’t Help It (1980)


As you might have guessed by now, they sang a lot of songs about love. Here’s another one, posed in a slightly different light. It talks about being in love, but it also talks about not making the best decisions when you’re in love because that feeling alone takes away all of your inhibitions. Some of the song seems to suggest that being in love is akin to being under the influence, as your decisions are no longer your own.

2. Rest Your Love On Me (1980)


This is the song that is probably one of the sweetest things that you could ever imagine, especially if you’ve been in a situation where you just desperately wanted to love. Have you ever wanted the comfort of being with a loved one, yet you found yourself alone. The ability to place both your joys and your fears in the hands of someone that you genuinely love is something that can’t be equaled and the song speaks to that fact.

1. Shadow Dancing (1978)


Here’s another love song. The lyrics of the song are actually about sex, but it’s told in such a way that it sounds like it’s more about something as innocent as dancing. This is a technique used by a number of artists over the years and it typically works well. In this case, it worked well enough to land the song at the number one spot on this list.

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