The 10 Best H-Town Songs of All-Time

Have you ever heard of an R&B group from Houston, Texas called H-Town? The group was formed in 1990 by twin brothers, Kevin and Solomon Conner, and their best friend, Darryl Jackson.

During the first part of the 1990s, they had six big hits. That being said, they’ve definitely put more work out there besides the aforementioned hits. They’re still active today, and it’s interesting to see how their sound has developed over time. Here are 10 of the best songs. Why don’t you take a listen and see what you think?

10. Lick You Up (2015)

Is it really possible that this is a song that is actually about licking someone else? As luck would have it, that is exactly what it’s about. This is sort of a reboot of a song that they did in 1993. It gained popularity then and the newest version has only proved to be more popular than ever. The lyrics actually talk about doing things to a person that they would never even imagine that someone else could do, including licking them all over.

9. Cryin Out My Heart To You (2004)

This is basically your quintessential R&B song about a couple that has fallen out of love. The lyrics to the song have the storyteller admitting that he has done things he shouldn’t have done to this particular individual and understanding why she would no longer want to be with him. Despite that fact, he talks about how badly he needs her and that he feels like he’s lost his entire family if she decides to leave.

8. Back Seat (1994)

You can probably imagine what this particular song is about from the title alone. If you take an R&B song and a rap song and you mix them together, this is more or less what you have here. It is a song about a good-looking girl that is in the backseat of a car. Apparently, guys see her and are so taken aback by her appearance that they begin imagining all the things that they could do with her.

7. Natural Woman (1997)

This is a song about wanting to be with a woman that isn’t afraid to just be herself. It talks about the potential pitfalls of being with someone that is often considered high maintenance. In the song, the men are singing about how they would far prefer to be with someone that isn’t afraid to go without makeup, literally let her hair down, and not worry so much about her appearance.

6. Part Time Lover (1994)

This particular tune takes a lve song and turns it into a song that makes it sound like loving someone is a 20-hour-a-week job. It talks about being with someone who doesn’t particularly like their job and wanting to be there for them when they come home and they’re dissatisfied. The song then takes things full circle and talks about making that this particular person’s part time job.

5. A Thin Line Between Love & Hate (1996)

This is actually a really sad song about someone who comes home to his wife at five in the morning because he’s been out with someone else all night. She knows what he’s doing, yet she greets him at the door with a smile, takes his coat and hat and makes him something to eat. The song goes on to talk about how she is literally the sweetest woman in the world.

However, he abuses this and continues to step out on her almost every night. Eventually, she grows tired of his antics and stops being so sweet. The lyrics at the end of the song say that she is now the meanest woman in the world, but it’s his fault because he made her that way.

4. Special Kinda Fool (1997)

This is a song about a man who genuinely loves a woman, yet she does not love him back. He can’t figure out why because he’s done everything in his power to try to win her over. No matter what he does, it doesn’t work. He ends up asking her what he’s doing wrong and how he could have possibly done anything differently. Any person who has ever felt unrequited love or who has felt unaccepted in any manner will probably be able to identify with this one.

3. Emotions (1994)

Everybody can identify with this song because everyone experiences emotions of one type or another. At its core, this is a song about feeling emotions that make you happy, sad and even angry. More than anything, it’s a song that talks about those emotions that are related to falling in love. It goes into great detail explaining how a person feels when they fall in love and how even when it doesn’t quite make sense, nothing else really matters.

2. They Like It Slow (1997)

Yes, this is a song about the act of making love. It explains in a fair amount of detail how women don’t like things to be rushed when a man is making love. Instead, they prefer things to be done more slowly. You could go as far as saying that the song is talking about the fact that most women prefer to feel some type of emotional connection as opposed to simply having intercourse.

1. Super Love (2021)

Finally, you have a song about being so in love that you simply can’t contain yourself anymore. Even when the other person isn’t warming up to you as quickly as you might like, falling in love so quickly often leaves a person feeling like they have no choice but to do everything they can to make that other person see them because they want them to be in love just as much as they are themselves.

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