The 10 Best Dru Hill Songs of All-Time

Dru Hill

In our latest article on the top ten Dru Hill songs of all time, we look at the greatest songs from a group that you cannot fail to mention when talking about the greatest R&B groups of the 90s. Dru Hill was formed in 1992 by four high school buddies who named the group after Druid Hill Park in their native Baltimore. After several performances in local and regional talent shows that resulted in a huge buzz, the group landed a record deal with Island Record. The group’s original members were Mark “Sisqo” Andrews, Larry “Jazz” Anthony, James “Woody Rock” Green, and Tamir “Nokio” Ruffin. With a discography that features four albums and numerous hits, Dru Hill are one of the most iconic acts in R&B music history. Here are the top ten Dru Hill songs of all time.

10. Wild Wild West ft Will Smith, Kool Moe Dee


Coming in at number ten is a song that Dru Hill collaborated alongside Will Smith and Kool Moe Dee. The song, which is contained in Will Smith’s second studio album, Willennium, has Kool Moe Dee on the chorus while Dru Hill provides additional guest vocals. The song was a big hit, peaking at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100.

9. All Alone


Before self-care became cool, Dru Hill sang about it on this song contained in the self-titled album. “All Alone” is a song about heartbreak and overcoming the grief that comes along with it by taking some time alone and reflecting on your feelings. In this song, we got to experience the talent of all members, with each of them having a verse of their own. Nokio impresses the most with some smooth vocals, which give the track extra freshness considering we are used to having him in the background singing.

8. You Are Everything


The group was under a lot of pressure when they released their sophomore album, Enter the Dru, but this song was a sigh of relief for them as it quickly dispelled any concerns we had about the group. The song lyrics see the group try to reconcile with a former love, and although we can hear the influence of Jodeci throughout their career, it was quite rich in this song. The song peaked at #84 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and contained a Ja Rule remix.

7. These Are The Times


Dru Hill’s music can get sensual at times, but this one was the exact opposite. The song, which was written by Babyface and Damon Thomas, remains Dru Hill’s highest-charting song in the UK and the group’s last charting song in the country to date. The track has an amazing video that was inspired by the movie, The Man in the Iron Mask and featured Sisqo playing both the good twin and evil twin.

6. In My Bed


Coming in at number six is a song from the group’s eponymous debut album. The song is primarily performed by Sisqo and turns its focus on Sisqo’s girlfriend, who cheats on him with another man and other group members without Sisqo’s knowledge. In this song’s video, Sisqo checks on his girlfriend before seeing another man leaving the house. However, when he gets in the house carrying a bouquet of flowers, he finds the girlfriend with another woman in bed. How heartbreaking! Sisqo then drops the flowers and leaves in heartbreak.

5. Beauty


The number five song on our list of the top ten Dru Hill songs is a sensual ballad written by Nokio to a woman he had a big crush on. The track is contained in Dru Hill’s second album, Enter the Dru. The lyrics to the song are deep, and if you want to understand how good peak 90s R&B was, then you have to listen to it.

4. Tell Me


Coming in at number four is the song “Tell Me,” which is the first single from the group’s debut album. The song became a hit after it appeared as a soundtrack in the movie, Eddie. The lyrics of the track are a promise to a lover that they would make steamy love to them. The video of the song was a real treat as it introduced us to the group’s famous dance move, the Dru Hill bounce. The song peaked at position 18 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and has been certified gold by the RIAA.

3. Never Make a Promise


“Never Make a Promise” presented an opportunity for Larry “Jazz” Anthony to shine, and he barely made a wrong move in this song. With some deep lyrics, Jazz promises the love of his life to always protect her. The song features a decent video that tackles the theme of incest as Jazz sorts to protect his love from an abusive father. “Never Make a Promise” was a huge hit, shooting straight to number one on the US Billboard R&B chart and peaking at number seven on the US Pop Chart.

2. How Deep Is Your Love


Coming in at number two is the highest-charting Dru Hill song ever. “How Deep Is Your Love” was also used in the end credits of the movie Rush Hour as well as the soundtrack of the film. With his unique voice, style, and energy, Sisqo shines a lot in this catchy song that contains a great beat that makes you want to move your body immediately it comes on.

1. We’re Not Making Love No More


The number one song on our countdown of the top ten Dru Hill songs of all time is the song “We’re Not Making Love No More,” which basically explains a loss of interest between a couple, resulting in them not even making love anymore. The song was used as a soundtrack for the movie Soulfood. The song peaked at number 13 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and has been certified gold by the RIAA. It is arguably their most popular song.

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