Metallica to publish new children’s book, The ABCs of Metallica

Metallica has announced a new illustrated children’s book, The ABCs of Metallica coming soon on the book stores.

We’re excited today. Because Metallica‘s new illustrated book is coming and includes a lot of fun. Also, this book contributes to the bands’ charity activities. Also, the book is co-authored by Howie Abrams (The Merciless Book of Metal Lists, Hip-Hop Alphabet). And the all illustrations by Michael “Kaves” McLeer. And who participated in Metallica’s Obey Your Master exhibit in 2012.

Here's the official statement on their website, Metallica wrote:

Here’s the official statement on their website, Metallica wrote:

“We have a new book coming out and this time it rhymes! We’re having a bit of fun as The ABCs of Metallica hits the shelves and online book stores on November 26, 2019. This is all for a great cause with a part of the proceeds benefiting All Within My Hands as we continue to support workforce education and the fight against hunger.

Including rhymes and illustrations, this book looks back at the history of the band from, duh, A to Z! Each letter of the alphabet highlights a moment along our journey from Garage Days to Master of Puppets to fun facts about us. ”

You can pre-order this book and as well as bundles with Young Metal Attack merchandise in here. Price: 18.99 USD. 

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