The 10 Best Jodeci Songs of All-Time


Jodeci are one of the most influential R&B groups of the 90s. The group comprises K-Ci, Jojo, Mr. Dalvin, and DeVante Swing. K-Ci and Jojo were raised in highly religious Pentecostal families and originally performed as a gospel group, releasing three albums in the process. On the other hand, Mr. Dalvin and DeVante Swing toured and performed separately as a gospel group. Both duos became friends, and after a while, they formed the group Jodeci. After signing with Uptown Records, the newly formed group met up with Sean Combs, who helped create the group’s image and sound. The group’s debut album, Forever My Lady, was released in 1991, and after that, it was clear that the group no longer resembled anything close to gospel singers. The group’s next album, The Diary of a Mad Band, was marred with feuds with Jodeci threatening to leave Uptown Records for Death Row Records. This led to problems with the album’s promotion, and despite the album’s poor promotion, it still peaked at #3 on the US billboard 200 and number one on the US R&B Album Chart. For many years, the group’s street-flavored sound and urban appeal have endeared them to numerous fans across hip hop and R&B circles. Here are the top ten Jodeci songs of all time.

10. I’m Still Waiting


Coming in at number ten on our list of the top ten Jodeci songs is a track from their debut album, Forever My Lady (1991). The harmony in the voices of this group was incredible, and the lyrics, which talk about holding on for the one you love, are absolutely fantastic. The song peaked at number 82 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number 10 on the US Billboard R&B Chart.

9. Cry For You


Looking back at their career, “Cry For You” has to be one of the most impressive singles in the catalog of Jodeci. Coming from Jodeci’s second album, Diary of a Mad Band, this song is a ballad of grand proportions. From the lyrics, you can tell that this is one of their softer ballads. The song spent four weeks at the top of the R&B charts and has been certified gold by the RIAA.

8. Let’s Go Through the Motions


The number eight song on our list of the top ten Jodeci songs is the 1993 single, “Let’s Go Through the Motions.” The song happens to be one of the most underrated Jodeci songs ever. It was used as a promotional single for the soundtrack of the 1993 movie “Who’s the Man?” The song peaked at #65 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number 31 on the US R&B Chart.

7. Get On Up


Back in 1996, Jodeci performed this great song when they appeared as guests in season one of Moesha. The song contains a sample of the 1981 song Velas, which Quincy Jones and Toots Thielemans sang. To this day, it is the group’s only song not to have been produced by DeVante Swing. “Get On Up” is also the last song released by the group before they went on a hiatus and returned in 2014.

6. Love U 4 Life


Coming in at number five is a gem that made Jodeci one of the most iconic acts in R&B. The production of this song was excellent, and the lyrics were flawless. What I love so much about the song is its hook, which takes it to a whole different level. “Love U 4 Life” is contained in the group’s third album, The Show, the After Party, the Hotel. Although the album was not as acclaimed as the first two, this song does elevate the whole album with its quality.

5. Stay


The number five song on our list of the top ten Jodeci songs is another one of those essential ballads of the 90s. Although Jodeci were well known for making some great anthems, this one was on another level right from the harmony in the hook, which is probably one of their best ever. It is one of those songs that many people could sing word for word, especially in most Jodeci concerts.

4. Feenin


The music video for this song was filmed in a mental asylum and features appearances from Snoop Dogg and Treach. “Feenin” is the second track from the group’s 1993 album, Diary of a Mad Man. The smooth song mainly talks about sex with the group talking about their addiction to a certain lady. The song peaked at number two on the Hot R&B Charts and #25 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

3. Forever My Lady


Coming in at number three is the song that catapulted Jodeci to superstardom. It was the first of five number hits by Jodeci and was dedicated to Al B. Sure!’s girlfriend Kim Porter and their son Quincy. Although the song catapulted the group to superstar status, it narrowly missed out on the top spot.

2. Come & Talk To Me


The number two song is the fourth song from their debut album, Forever My Lady. The song contains a smooth upbeat vibe, and it is a great song right from its production, the lyrics, and the harmony of the hook. The song was produced by Sean Combs, and it was the first Jodeci song to nearly crack the top ten on the US Billboard Hot 100.

1. Freek’n You


The number one song on our list of the top ten Jodeci songs is another one from their third studio album, The Show, the After Party, the Hotel. The song is a bit raunchy and is famous for the remix, which featured Raekwon and Ghostface Killah. This song was a massive hit, peaking at number 14 on the US Billboard Hot 100, and was named by Billboard as one of the best-selling songs of 1995.

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