10 Best Silverstein Songs of All Time

Silverstein have created a unique brand of post-hardcore and beyond for more than a decade now. Over the years the band have certainly changed genres and mindsets. With time the band have evolved their sound endlessly but Silverstein have always been true to their own interesting sound. Below, we’ve got the 10 best Silverstein songs of all time in our ranked list to judge their music.

10. Brookfield

Brookfield was from an interesting album, coming from the band’s dual album featuring 11 original songs and 11 covers. The covers on the album were mostly, if not entirely, from other artists that inspired Silverstein. Brookfield was the most promoted song from the album, being featured as a single. Brookfield earned its placement on our best Silverstein songs list for the importance of this genre style showcased here.


9. A Midwestern State of Emergency

A Midwestern State of Emergency comes from one of Silverstein’s newer albums, I Am Alive In Everything I Touch. The album features a more melodic sound from the band with the occasional change up as every Silverstein album does. A Midwestern State of Emergency may have stood out the most earning its placement on our best Silverstein songs list.


8. Smashed Into Pieces

Smashed Into pieces comes from Silverstein’s debut album, their most post-hardcore release. While the song is a long time ago in the band’s career, Silverstein does a good job at keeping their entire discography in rotation for their setlists. Smashed Into pieces earned its placement on our best Silverstein songs list for how it showed the earliest stage of the band but also their core sound. In honor of the album’s anniversary, Silverstein has released a When Broken is Easily Fixed capsule collection.


7. My Disaster

My Disaster is one of the faster Silverstein songs, coming from one of Silvertein’s less popular albums Arrivals & Departures. While not a popular album overall from fans, the record displayed a crucial ear of their career. My Disaster specifically showed a different pace for Silverstein that was seen occasionally on future releases but this song was a hidden gem.


6. Bankrupt

Bankrupt was the newest single from Silverstein, which may be included on a yet-to-be-announced album but for now it’s a standalone single. While Silverstein are usually quite technical with their music, even with new music Silverstein have shown to be able to create something entirely different but still true their core. The tehnicaity of most of the band’s music was the most time consuming process when creating our best 10 Silverstein songs of all time list.


5. Vices

Yet another fast Silverstein song, however this song was filled with much more aggression than most Silverstein songs released then or recently. Vices featured Liam Cormier, the vocalist of Cancer Bats, to truly round out the song and gave it that extra violent appeal and created that famous surprise genre twister Silverstein was known for.


4. Ghost

Much like Bankrupt, Ghost was originally released as a stand alone single until Silverstein announced their next record, Reflections, which included the song when released. This song was an incredible choice as a first single for the album and truly showcased the overall sound of the album. Ghost showed a return to sound for the band and earned its placement on our best Silverstein songs of all time list.


3. Your Sword VS My Dagger

It seems to be a pattern that Silverstein’s faster and more aggressive songs seems to get the most longstanding attention and praise. Throughout the band’s career they have always touched on various genres, evolving their sound, but this song showcased their evolved song very well for its time of release compared to previous work.


2. On Brave Mountains We Conquer

On Brave Mountains We Conquer was immediately picked up as one of Silverstein’s most noticeable songs on the album for how technical it was. This song came from one of the band’s more recent albums, This Is How The Wind Shifts. This song earned its placement on our best Silverstein songs list due to how well its summed up the band’s current sound .


1. My Heroine

My Heroine is almost certainly the most popular song Silverstein has ever recorded. Almost guaranteed to be heard at any show headlined by Silverstein, most likely as an encore, My Heroine is sure to give chills no matter how many times you’ve seen the band. It earned its placement on our best Silverstein songs of all time list since it showed the band’s talent as song composers at an absolute high.


Overall, all Silverstein songs, and albums, should be appreciated as individual pieces of art. While the songs displayed progress pretty evenly into what Silverstein has become today, each displayed their own chapter in the band’s impressive career.

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