The 10 Best The Mavericks Songs of All-Time

The Mavericks

The Mavericks are probably one of the most dynamic country music bands of all time, largely because they incorporate many additional genres of music into their sound. While they do sing a lot of neo-traditional country, they also bring in influences from other genres such as rockabilly, Latin and Tex-Mex. Surprisingly, they don’t come from Texas, even though a lot of individuals believe that they do. In fact, they came out of Miami, Florida. The band was founded in 1989 and released no less than six studio albums between 1991 and 2003. Below are 10 of their best songs, ranked from worst to best. Of course, your list might look a lot different than this one since music is subjective, just like any other art form. There’s a YouTube link attached to each song so you have the chance to listen to the band and see what you think. Even if you’re not a country music fan, you might become a fan of this particular band, provided you’re willing to give them a chance. Without any further hesitation, here’s the list of songs.

10. Recuerdos (2020)


This is a song told in the band’s native tongue that talks about a couple breaking up. The lyrics go on to speak about the sadness and loneliness that automatically accompany these types of situations, something that anyone who has ever fallen out of love will be able to identify with quite easily. As the song progresses, it also talks about the fact that even a break-up isn’t capable of taking away the wonderful memories that have been created, something that will remain a part of each person forever.

9. Born to be Blue (2013)


Have you ever been in the unfortunate situation of desperately wanting to make a relationship work with another person, yet things just never really worked out in your favor, at least not in that particular case? If you have, then you know the meaning of the lyrics in this song. They speak of a person who desperately wants to be with someone that he is falling in love with, yet that relationship never really took off. As such, he basically sits and pines away for this person even though he knows that he can’t have her. He even goes as far as saying that it must be his destiny to be blue and lonely because he doesn’t think that he’ll ever be able to love anyone like that again.

8. What a Crying Shame (1994)


Here is another love song that asked whether or not one person in the relationship did something that made the other person want to leave. The lyrics talked about wondering where the mistake was, not to mention the heartbreak that follows. The lyrics even explore whether or not the individual in question could have treated their significant other better, posing the question of whether or not that would have prevented things from working out the way that they ultimately did.

7. O What a Thrill (1994)


Finally, you have a song about falling in love instead of falling out of love. As the title implies, the song lyrics discuss the feeling of falling in love with someone and how it almost feels like an amusement park ride in the best possible sense. The lyrics talk about that exhilarating feeling that comes with being in love as well as all of the exciting possibilities that are involved with developing a new relationship.

6. Dance the Night Away (1998)


This is a somewhat cheeky song that talks about a break-up, but there isn’t the heartache and loneliness that you might be expecting. Instead, the lyrics talk about being glad that the other person in the relationship is gone because these two people were simply mismatched from the beginning. In the song, all they ever do is fight so when the break-up finally happens, the person singing is relieved. That person feels like they want to dance all night because they’re so happy that they don’t have to put up with the constant tension and stress anymore.

5. I Should Have Been True (1994)


In case you haven’t already guessed by the song title, this is a song about being in a relationship and royally messing things up because one of the people in that relationship lies. The lyrics go on to talk about how they’ve broken the other person’s trust and that they wish they could go back and do things differently. Unfortunately, they can’t go back in time in order to change things so they have no choice but to deal with the repercussions.

4. Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down (1994)


Here is a song about being unhappy. In this particular case, it’s because of a failed relationship but it could be because of almost anything. The song deals with basically drowning one’s sorrows in alcohol in order to cope on a day-to-day basis. The lyrics talk about not feeling any pain after drinking the night away at a bar, up until one night when the alcohol is no longer able to mask the sorrow in this person’s heart. It’s then that the person in question has no choice but to face those issues head-on.

3. There Goes My Heart (1994)


The band was well known for singing a lot of love songs and this one is no exception. The lyrics talk about a relationship failing and the individual who is singing the song talks about their heart breaking in two because of it.

2. Back in Your Arms Again (2013)


Here you have a song about a person who thought they wanted to break up, but then everything they thought they wanted gets turned on its ear in the course of a single night. That’s when their significant other shows back up and as much as they thought they didn’t want a relationship with them anymore, they couldn’t be happier that they’re back.

1. All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down (1995)


One of the most popular songs that the band ever recorded is another relationship song, told from a slightly different perspective. In this one, the person singing the song isn’t very happy because even though that individual is in a relationship, it’s not a positive one. In fact, it’s a situation where being around the individual who should be the significant other does nothing but bring about negative feelings, even to the point of trying to drink them away.

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