The 10 Best Midnight Star Songs of All-Time

Midnight Star was a band from Kentucky State University, formed in 1976. Their debut album was The Beginning, released in 1980, while the last one was 15th Avenue in 2002. They have nine albums in total, peaking in different positions in the US Pop and R&B charts. The group members were: Melvin Gentry, the guitarist, drummer and vocalist; Kenneth Grant, the bassist; Bill Simmons, the multi-instrumentalist; Bo Watson, the pianist, and vocalist; Jeff Cooper, the guitarist and pianist; Reggie Calloway, the trumpeter; and Belinda Lipscomb, the vocalist. According to Wikipedia, the band later added Vincent Calloway, Reginald’s younger brother. Besides producing fantastic songs, one of the band members, Bo Watson, also helped singer Toni Braxton to write a few songs. Here are their ten best songs.

10. Feels So Good (1983)


“Feels So Good” is the third single on Midnight Star released in 1983 from their fourth album, No Parking on the Dance Floor. The funk/soul song music describes the joy of finding someone with you who shares the same vibes. All you feel when you look into their eyes or feel their touch is butterflies in your stomach. It’s one of the most fantastic tracks to make you want to dance the night away.

9. Searching for Love (1980)


Have you ever searched for love, and all you get is heartbreak? It’s a bad feeling because everyone deserves love, regardless of the person they choose to be with. “Searching for Love” is one of the songs describing these emotions. Midnight Star was released in 1980 from their debut album, The Beginning. Unless love finds you out of the blues, you might never understand this song’s interpretation. Hopefully, you will understand once you listen to its lyrics.

8. Night Rider (1983)


We all need a knight in shining armor to call out names and ease our pain. It takes a brave person to comfort you whenever you feel stressed or overcome with emotions. “Night Rider” by Midnight Star is one of those songs you might want to listen to if you’re encountering emotional distress. The band released this fantastic track in 1983 from their No Parking on the Dance Floor album. It’s also one of the songs that made the album peak second on the US R&B charts the same year.

7. Operator (1984)


According to Discogs, Midnight Star released their Planetary Vision album in 1984. One of the singles featured in this album is “Operator.” The album peaked at seven on the US R&B charts and 56 on the US Pop charts. This fantastic track describes someone who wants their love interest to take control over them. They keep begging their love interest to operate on their body and take control of it, so they’ll feel safe. It’s unclear who the band referred to, but you can guess it’s someone to whom each member felt vulnerable.

6. Electricity (1983)


“Electricity” is a dance/electro-pop song performed by Midnight Star. The band released it in 1983 from their No Parking on The Dance Floor album. Surprisingly, this album proved to be their breakout, despite peaking at two on the Billboard magazine Top Black Albums chart. Billboard Top LPs & Tape also ranked it at 27, helping it get double platinum in the US. The group performed this song exceptionally well, making it receive significant airplay.

5. Don’t Rock the Boat (1987)


Midnight Star recorded and performed “Don’t Rock the Boat” in 1987 before releasing it for their self-titled album the following year. Unfortunately, this album wasn’t as successful as the first three releases. However, this song reached the top ten on the R&B singles chart. The group took a long sabbatical, though they didn’t officially break up. They reunited in 2000 and released their final 15th Avenue album two years later. Currently, they go on worldwide tours to refresh their fans’ memories.

4. Slow Jam (1983)


Midnight Star’s fourth album also features “Slow Jam,” released in 1983. They performed this slow and romantic song to beat the monotony of soul/funk music. The song is also on the No Parking on the Dance Floor album, released the same year. The Washington Post’s J.D. Considine once told his interviewers that the group used this song to establish their stylistic identity. True to his words, it pleased fans worldwide and received fair airplay.

3. Curious (1984)


“Curious” is an R&B/Soul song by Midnight from their Planetary Invasion album. Though the album didn’t perform exceptionally like its predecessors, this song did it some justice. The message of the song is about a man curious about their lover. He wants to know what she’s thinking and whether she doubts his love for her. It’s perfectly normal to want to find out how your lover feels about you, so should there be any problem, you can handle it together.

2. No Parking on The Dance Floor (1983)


“No Parking on The Dance Floor” is the first single on Midnight Star’s album with the same name. The group opens up the song by saying, “Excuse me, madam/You’re standing in a no parking zone/ You don’t get a move on that body/I’ll be forced to give you a ticket.” It’s unclear which woman they were referring to, but you can imagine how inconvenient it is for someone to stand in your way of a good dance. So, get on the floor and start dancing because this song has the most creative beats.

1. Midas Touch (1986)


Do you remember King Midas, a popularly remembered leader who could turn everything into gold through a single touch? He must have enjoyed swimming in gold, but it looks like his gift brought tragedies to his life when he touched his child, who turned into gold. Ironically, Midnight Star’s “Midas Touch” describes it as a blessing in disguise. This song was released in 1986 on their Headlines album.

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