Test Your Spotify Taste in Music with this Application

Do you want to test the quality of your Spotify playlist? Want to compare your playlist with your friends? We have an app just for you.

We all find our Spotify lists precious. Sometimes we are not even open to criticism about it. Even we hide our playlists and keep these songs to ourselves sometimes. Because they’re the only things that stand by us in all our moods. What if I say there is an application that tells you how bad your playlists… Sometimes friends talk painfully.

If you think you have a very good musical taste and the playlists you have prepared are great, this app may upset you. The A.I. was activated today and is ready to make you sad about your Spotify playlists.

What is “How Bad Is Your Spotify”?

A digital publication called Pudding, founded in New York, work on content research, data analysis, coding, and writing. Pudding, which is against any subscription, advertisement, or clicks traps, also draws attention with its entertaining content. They announced a new A.I. which can test your playlists.

It is very simple to use. They will ask you to connect your Spotify account and then add the data to their system. Throughout the process, ‘How Bad Is Your Spotify?’ will also ask a few clarifying questions, such as if users “really” listen to specific songs, and whether or not they do so “ironically.” When the process is complete, the AI will give its scathing review, citing which tracks users listen to “too much,” which artists they “stan” an “uncomfortable amount,” and will even rate them on how “basic” they are.

Let’s test your Spotify playlists with ‘How Bad Is Your Spotify?”

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