Shaquille O'Neal appearing mosh pit at EDM festival Tomorrowland

Shaquille O’Neal takes over mosh pit at most famous EDM festival Tomorrowland during the Modestep performance.

We know Shaq from the basketball court. He’s become a legend thanks to his NBA career. However, he is disappeared after finishing his career in 2011. After that, Shaq is back as he’s known now, DJ Diesel. Also, performed a full one-hour set this weekend at the Tomorrowland Festival in Belgium. But the famous 7’1″ basketball star isn’t just any VIP performer because he’s watching Modestep with between the audience.

Shaquille O'Neal back to courts

Shaquille O’Neal back to courts

Firstly Shaq dance, and stand in the very front row. But this doesn’t enough for him. A few songs later Shaq gonna mosh pit and the 47-year-old NBA legend even took some time to get in the pogo and mosh-pit. And he enjoys it too much.

Shaq talks about his DJ career, “Deejaying brings me back to my playing days. When I am up on stage in front of 100,000 people at a festival, it’s Game 7. The energy is just wild and I get competitive. I need to throw down the best set possible.

You can check out the Shaquille O’Neal mosh and his DJ Diesel performances below.

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