The 10 Best Brian Culbertson Songs of All-Time

Brian Culbertson is an American musician. His career started when he recorded a CD while attending DePaul University. It caught the intended recipient’s eye, thus resulting in Culbertson’s first record contract. He has been making music ever since. Culbertson is classified as someone who makes funk, jazz, and R&B. So far, he has released more than a score of albums. Something that makes it clear he has managed to find his audience.

Here is our opinion of the ten best Brian Culbertson songs ever released:

10. “Morning Walk”

This song comes from an album called Winter Stories. Its sound is light and refreshing. That makes more sense when one realizes that it is meant to evoke the feeling of a morning walk through a snow-dusted forest that is secluded enough for peace and privacy but not so much so that it becomes frightening in any sense. The result is remarkably appealing.

9. “Been Around the World”

“Been Around the World” comes from the album Funk! As such, interested individuals should have no problem guessing what genre this song is classified under. Regardless, a song with a title like “Been Around the World” can only go so many ways. This one opted for optimism. The music conveys the honed cheer one would expect from someone experienced and well-traveled but still interested in seeing more of what the world has to offer.

8. “Fullerton Avenue”

Fullerton Avenue is one of those names that could be placed anywhere in the English-speaking world. It was wisely chosen for a song on an album called Another Long Night Out. This song more than manages to live up to that name’s expectations. It has a sort of casual energy. Moreover, it feels like someone who has been blunted somewhat by weariness but remains capable of continuing for some time, perhaps fueled by more than one cup of coffee.

7. “Through the Years”

Time marches on without heed to what people might wish. It brings joyful things. However, it also produces sorrows. These aren’t necessarily major ones, though they can be. After all, everyone has moments when they’re shocked by what has changed around them without realizing it until they do. “Through the Years” is a song meant for more contemplative moods along these lines.

6. “Horizon”

The horizon is one of the most remarkable sights in nature. Simultaneously, it’s ordinary and commonplace because it’s available everywhere so long as the individual has an unobstructed view. This song manages to contain these contradictory notions. It’s pleasant and pleasing, but in a way that has been casually constrained.

5. “Go”

“Go” is a piece from 2009’s Live From the Inside. By that point, Culbertson was a time-tested veteran of the music industry. Live From the Inside was his eleventh album, so it seems safe to say he had more than found his footing by that point. “Go” isn’t quite capable of matching up with jazz standards. However, it makes a respectable go at doing so.

4. “It’s Time”

The idea of the right time is an old one. For instance, the ancient Greeks had a specific word for it separate from their notion of chronological time. Nowadays, the idea of the right time has become more critical than ever because life has become so fast-paced. “It’s Time” is Culbertson’s attempt at conveying this idea and more in musical form. The result is quirky but casual and confident, thus making for an appealing combination.

3. “You’re My Music”

Music means many things to different people. However, it’s consistent in that it matters. As such, interested individuals shouldn’t have a hard time guessing that “You’re My Music” is meant as an expression of love. The song has Culbertson’s usual skill and artistry. What makes it stand out is that it also features vocals, though it isn’t unique in this regard. Listeners should know the vocalist is Noel Gourdin, an R&B singer who saw some success from the late 2000s to the mid-2010s. In particular, he released “The River” in 2008, which climbed to the top of the U.S. Adult R&B chart.

2. “Colors of Love”

“Colors of Love” is even more blatantly a statement of tremendous fondness for someone else. After all, it says as much in the title by dispensing with more subtle wordplay. Culbertson has said the song is meant to bring people together. In that, “Colors of Love” succeeds wonderfully. It’s the kind of music soothing enough to draw everyone in but never so blandly universal that it becomes fuzzy. That balance can be challenging to strike because it’s so easy for the sound to lurch one way or the other when wobbling on so narrow a position. “Colors of Love” from 2018 is proof of Culbertson’s mastery in his chosen field of music.

1. “Skies Wide Open”

“Skies Wide Open” is a title that makes most people think of happy things. It immediately evokes notions of brightness, lightness, and openness in nature, which are easy to connect with corresponding moods in people. Here, the song makes those connections even stronger by establishing that this is because of the narrator’s love rather than anything more nebulous. “Skies Wide Open” is another example of how good Culbertson’s music can sound when combined with the right vocals. His partner for this one was Avant, who started making R&B music in the late 1990s and has continued doing so ever since. Interested individuals might recognize his name, seeing as how he has released not one, not two, but three platinum-selling albums. In any case, “Skies Wide Open” is the product of an effective team-up, thus enabling it to soar at the top of this list.

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