The 10 Best Echosmith Songs of All-Time

Echosmith is an American indie band. It was a quartet of siblings back in 2009. However, it’s been down to a trio ever since 2016. Echosmith is best known for their debut single, “Cool Kids.” The song never reached the number one position on the Billboard Hot 100, but it was a Top 20 hit with multiple millions of copies sold. “Cool Kids” overshadows everything the band has released since. Even so, it’s important to mention that the band is still making new music, meaning there’s more material for interested individuals.

Here is our opinion of the ten best Echosmith songs ever released:

10. “God Only Knows”

Technically, “God Only Knows” is a For King & Country song. The duo released it as the third single from Burn the Ships. This song is the Timbaland remix, which featured Echosmith’s involvement. It’s notable because it reached the number six position on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart. Sadly, it tends to be overshadowed by the Dolly Parton remix, which was even more popular.

9. “Diamonds”

Diamonds are packed with symbolic meaning. After all, they’ve been famous for their beauty and hardness since ancient times. In modern times, diamonds have become further entrenched in the popular consciousness, not least because of clever marketing. Regardless, “Diamonds” is an enjoyable song with memorable lines. In particular, describing someone as a “diamond in a sea of pearls” makes for lovely imagery.

8. “Goodbye”

“Goodbye” is a song from 2017. Given the name, interested individuals shouldn’t be surprised to learn it’s a breakup song. Specifically, the narrator is upset by how her ex’s poor treatment leaves her in pain. The curious thing is that she doesn’t seem to think that this is the real him. Instead, the narrator passes on a goodbye for her ex once he finds himself. It isn’t 100 percent clear how we’re supposed to interpret this. Perhaps the narrator thinks her ex will find his conscience at some point. Alternatively, the narrator might think his actions are influenced by something beyond his control, which can’t be ruled out because we don’t have a complete picture of the situation. Whatever the case, “Goodbye” gets a nod for being a better breakup song than most.

7. “Talking Dreams”

“Talking Dreams” is the title track of Echosmith’s debut album. It wasn’t one of the singles, but it still stands out. Fittingly, the song has a strong sense of optimism and enthusiasm to it. However, it’s tempered with an awareness that its soaring thoughts are dreams, meaning they aren’t as solid as they seem.

6. “Future Me”

Who we are can change enormously over time. As a result, it’s common to see people thinking about how their past, present, and future selves would communicate with one another. Often, there’s the idea of people regretting their past choices, presumably because they’re the ones likeliest to mull over this topic. “Future Me” is refreshing because it’s not like this. Instead, the narrator says she’s already who she wants to be, though she’s aware that what she thinks now isn’t necessarily the same as her thoughts then. It’s a thoughtful song, though in a somewhat unusual way.

5. “Lonely Generation”

“Lonely Generation” is another title track. It has one of those names that reveal its subject in an instant. Despite that, it manages to be fresh. For those curious, “Lonely Generation” focuses on one of the paradoxes of modern existence. Essentially, we have better communication technology than ever before. Thanks to that, we can stay in touch with people more conveniently than people from just a few decades ago. Even so, loneliness is widespread, with no signs of improvement. This matters because the phenomenon is extraordinarily damaging. Humans are social animals. The harmful effects of isolation from other people make that crystal clear.

4. “Over My Head”

Relationships can fail for various reasons. Sometimes, people fail to get through to one another even though they’re constantly talking, which makes sense because sheer volume doesn’t guarantee effective communication. “Over My Head” sees the narrator becoming increasingly frustrated because of a partner making things more complicated than they need to be. The song never saw the same success as its predecessors. That is a shame because it showed that Echosmith wouldn’t stand still trying to catch lightning in a bottle a second time but would instead continue evolving.

3. “Come Together”

Straightforward songs can make for some of the happiest listening. There’s no doubt what “Come Together” is all about. Despite this, it’s one of the best songs from Echosmith’s debut album, perhaps because its theme reflected the unity of the original quartet.

2. “Bright”

“Bright” is notable for being one of Echosmith’s two songs to reach the Billboard Hot 100. It peaked at the number 40 position in the U.S. market. Similarly, it hit number 81 in Canada. It’s another example of straightforward music making for an enjoyable experience. The song is about how love can make everything seem more beautiful. That’s a cliched sentiment. Still, it’s also one of the best descriptors for the sensation.

1. “Cool Kids”

Unsurprisingly, “Cool Kids” occupies the top of this list. This launched Echosmith’s career by winning impressive numbers in the United States and other countries. For proof, it was certified triple-platinum in the band’s home market because it sold more than three million copies there. Something that gave Echosmith’s debut album an incredible amount of forward momentum. The band has never even come close to matching the success of their debut single. As such, it seems safe to say that it’s their best song released so far by a considerable margin.

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