The 10 Best Seals and Crofts Songs of All-Time

Dash Crofts and Jim Seals might be best recognized for the work they have displayed under their second names, though the two first collaborated in the music industry in bands such as the Crew Cuts, Dean Beard, DawnBreakers, Glen Campbell, and the Champs. Back in 1969, Crofts and Seals chose to work individually and released their self-titled music album the same year. Although they were typically concerned with less rock than adult contemporary, the two spent the 1970s racking up various chart achievements. Here are the best ten Seals and Crofts songs of all time:

10. John Wayne (from the 1977 “One on One Soundtrack)


According to Classic Rock History, Crofts and Seals tend to Co-write and write their original material, but a remarkable band in their music industry is the track to “One on One,” which was released in 1977. “One on One” soundtrack was a basketball drama starring Annette O’Toole and Robby Benson. Keeping aside their songwriting proficiency, they both offer the vocals to various songs of Paul Williams and Charles Fox, achieving a top thirty rank with the sole “My Fair Share.” However, the most notable is the bubbly Garfunkel and Simon- sounding hit that tittle-checks the Duke and raising a popular Hollywood hoofer.

9. Hollow Reed (Down Home soundtrack released in 1970)


Crofts and Seals once referred their pre-Warner Bros album to “itinerant troubadour song.” However, their initial two materials for TA chronicles provide echoes of pop music that they brought up to the chart a couple of years later. Therefore, “Hollow Reed,” which was featured in their second album, is one of their best songs that have references to the Baha’i belief (both artists are believers), deriving a line indorsed tin the Abdu’l-Baha: I need to be made a hollow reed from which the self-haters pith has been blown from, so I might become a perfect channel that delivers love to others.” Although ‘Hollow Reed was not solely released, it attained new life when Crofts reconsidered it to his 1998 single soundtrack commonly known as “Today.”

8. If and any day (from the 1980 “the longest road” album)


The ultimate soundtrack that Seals and Crofts would record until 2004, “Traces,” has ten songs, where none was attributed to Crofts and nine of them credited to Seals. The remaining song did not have a hand in, although it proved to be the bounciest. Written by Marietta Waters and Michael Sembello, “If and any Day” has a silky-fine verse, a spiritual lyric, and an insidious chorus. This song proclaims that “certainty is for the people who are convinced there is a lot more to come/ love is for the individuals who have trust in one on one.”

7. “Unborn child” (1970)


Crofts and seals might not be recognized for their political participation, though they managed to bring up some statements with the “Unborn Child” song in February 1974. This was their first single track in their latest album. Although this sound did not make the cut their greatest-hits music collection, it has a bombastic arrangement and lyrical content that makes it a fan’s best choice.

6. Stars (from the 1980 “the longest road” album)


Before recording “the longest road” album, Crofts and Seals were barely popular from the performance they had written as a folk team. The differences were never clear until they released the ‘Stars” song, featuring Chick Corea and Stanley Clarke- fuzz artists.

5. You are the love (from the 1978 “Taking it Easy” album)


Just like other musicians of that era, Crofts and Seals combined some disco with their track, giving in to the channel so that it suits their material more seamlessly during broadcasting. While they managed to achieve a hit out of “you are in love,” their first sole music from the 1978 ‘taking it easy” album, the song sounding quite different from other hits, leaving them without an appropriate record. Crofts later accepted that the “You are the Love” was too disco, though its chorus was exclusively catchy.

4. ‘Diamond Girl’ (1973)


This is another top-hit ranked number four in the list and is among their most successful single tracks. The recording of this song signaled the end of the duo’s acoustic sound and the beginning of more band-based techniques of the later years. Although the hits kept coming, loyal fans kept on complaining about the heavy commercial accomplishment.

3. ‘Sweet Green Fields’ (from the 1976 Get Closer album)


The designation track of the duo’s 1876 Get Closer soundtrack might have been a more significant hit, though the track that opens the record features a more considerable legacy. Penned by Seals, the “Sweet Green Fields” song was initially recorded by Knickerbockers on the ‘Lloyd Thaxton Presents soundtrack – the Knickerbockers. However, this song achieved its popularity when incorporated into “Press On by Mary J. Blige’s.

2. We might never pass this way (from the 1973 Diamond Girl song)

Upon the success of the designated track ‘Diamond Girl,’ Crofts and Seals followed up with a track with the same lyrical thread as the ‘Year of Sunday’ (1971). We Might Never Pass this way’ was less explicit in its spiritual connotations, coming across as simply philosophical. Although it did not crack the best twenty of the pop record, this song proved nearly unstoppable on the adult-present broadcasting, attaining the second position in this list.

1. Summer breeze (1972)

After straining for many years, Crofts and Seals were ready for recognition when their Summer Breeze 1972 album took them to a higher level. Recorded by everybody from Type O Negative to Ray Conniff Singers, this track survived the 1979s to become the best sole hit and remains the best Crofts and Seals’ signature.s

Seals and Crofts are best known for their unstoppable music hits such as the ‘Summer Breeze,’ Get Closer, and Diamond Girl, among others listed above. Additionally, the duo has been followers of the Baha’i Faith, where they have attributed some spiritual and philosophical lines to some of their songs.

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