10 Best Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Songs Ranked

Chunk No Captain Chunk Fearless Records songs ranked

Chunk No Captain Chunk, usually seen as Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, are easily the kings of easycore. The French powerhouse learned English strictly from listening to English speaking band’s songs. The band instantly dominated the easycore scene upon arrival. The band has released a total of 3 full-lengths since signing to Fearless Records. Chunk No Captain Chunk also had a debut album and music prior to getting signed to Fearless Records. However, the genre made them an entirely different band. We didn’t include that album or its songs on our Chunk No Captain Chunk songs ranked list.

10. Positiv-O

Taken from the aforementioned easycore debut of the band, Positiv-O, has a bit of comedy to it. Lyrically of course, with lyrics in some being about friendship with robots and things like it. They clearly have a sense of humor and with their band name being an unorthodox quote from The Goonies.


9. Insanity

Insanity is a very fast song from a very fast album, that delivers the hardest hits in Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!’s career. Pardon My French dominates the band’s discography with deep growls and hardcore riffs and breakdowns. An instant headbanger that keeps you bouncing from beginning to end, which is practically this entire album minus a few tracks.


8. Restart

The band premiered this song from their second Fearless Records full-length as a single. This song immediately showed that not only the band would maintain their easycore sound but also greatly evolve upon it and create an easycore masterpiece once again. Restart was possibly the most technical song from the band, which was clearly one of the reasons they showcased this song before the album was released.


7. The Other Line

While Get Lost, Find Yourself was a very technical, like most songs from Chunk!, No captain Chunk! but this songs starts off very evil and transcends into a classic songs from the band quickly. The only song we included on our Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! from this album simply due to the fact of how songs from previous albums dominate this list.


6. Captain Blood

Captain Blood was the song that got me hooked on the band, before they re-issued the album, Something For Nothing, on Fearless Records. One of the largest known, if not the largest known, easycore bands in the scene this song itself clearly inspired an entire generation of bands across the world who followed in their footsteps with the easycore roots. I wouldn’t say every easycore band inspired by Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! sounded the same, but the inspiration was clear.


5. Haters Gonna Hate

Haters Gonna Hate is another song on Pardon My French that certainly earned its placement on our Chunk No Captain Chunk songs ranked list. This was another technical song from the band on Pardon My French, that almost sounded like it could be a newer New Found Glory song but once the song progressed and the vocals came in you are guaranteed that this was Chunk.


4. In Friends We Trust

Without a doubt the most popular song from the band, In Friends We Trust perfectly sums up the band’s general sound but it earned its placement on our Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! songs ranked list due to its being more upbeat than heavy. In Friends We Trust is one of a few songs from the band’s Fearless Records debut that made our list as the album was truly groundbreaking.


3. All Star

While not featured on any album of the band, All Star was a cover of the Smashmouth hit from Punk Goes 90’s 2, which was a compilation from the band’s label Fearless Records. All Star earned its placement on our Chunk No Captain Chunk songs ranked list due to how original they made the covers with their unique sound.


2. Blame It On This Song

Blame It On This Song was the first time the band released a standalone single that never saw an album release. Previously the last new material from the band until the recently released single Bitter. Released as a summer hit for the band to add to their discography upon their albums. Both songs are going to be featured on the band’s upcoming album Gone Are The Good Days.


1. Pardon My French

Pardon My French, the titular song from the album of the same name the named that for a damn good reason: profanity. Chunk No Captain Chunk has been no stranger to profanity since their incarnation. This song was absolutely no exception and the first lyrics of the song can be heard below to prove my point.

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