10 Best Punk Goes Covers Ranked List

The Punk Goes series of albums from Fearless Records has been going on for quite a while now. With bands from different genres covering not only bands from the general pop genre but also bands that inspired them. The Punk Goes series has also seen bands creating acoustic renditions of their own songs for Punk Goes Acoustic, Punk Goes Acoustic 2 and the newest release in the series Punk Goes Acoustic 3. Outside of those two albums every other release saw a band covering an unlikely pop song. Bands from A Day To Remember, Mayday Parade, Miss May I and more bands across various genres graced these compilations. Below, we’re going to rank the best 10 Punk Goes covers from the series in our ranked list.

10. Your Love

Your Love was a cover provided by I See Stars of a song originally by The Outfield. Featured on the only Punk Goes Classic Rock compilation, it also featured artists such as Hit The Lights and blessthefall. This cover felt like the perfect I See Stars song, at least for that era of the band, but also felt very true to the original.


9. Drunk In Love

Drunk In Love was a cover featured on the sixth installment of the Punk Goes Pop compilation albums by Oceans Ate Alaska. This cover sounded exactly like any expected Oceans Ate Alaska song to sound but certainly an interesting cover of a Beyonce song. Drunk In Love was the perfect cover for Oceans Ate Alaska to showcase their skills for fans who bought the albums without knowledge of all bands.


8. Hold On, We’re Going Home

Originally a song by Canadian superstar rapper Drake, Volumes brings this cover new life by bringing their unique ambient djent style of metalcore to the song. This song easily earned its placement on our best Punk Goes covers ranked list due to how true to the original it was but also highly original in itself and overall a new step for the band that was appreciated by fans.


7. Problem

Problem is another song on our list of best Punk Goes covers that earned its placement due to its high originality. This was not a difficult task for the charismatic Set It Off, the band that provided this incredible cover of Problem originally by Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea.


6. Ain’t It Fun

Ain’t It Fun is a quirky jam from phenomenal drummer Luke Holland and ex-Issues vocalist Tyler Carter. Originally a Paramore song, this song feels pretty on par with the original for the most part. However even a slight attention to the detail within this cover, could of easily pointed out that this cover had more than one listen could have provided.


5. That’s What I Like

That’s What I Like was a cover by Dance Gavin Dance of the Bruno Mars hit. In classic Dance Gavin Dance fashion, the jazz inspired math rock band changed the lyrics and incorporated one of their running references to strawberry Swishers. As the band are fans of smoking weed, they took the chance and added a little twist to a pop hit that included their preference of the substance.


4. Royals

Royals was a cover performed originally by Lorde but this interesting cover by Youth In Revolt was an easy jam for anyone, even if they weren’t normally a fan of the band. Personally I didn’t listen to Youth In Revolt but this song was one of my personal favorites from this Punk Goes Pop of the sixth installment.


3. Still Fly

Still Fly is one of the older Punk Goes covers, brought to us by The Devil Wears Prada. Although originally by Big Tymers, The Devil Wears Prada brought an insane amount of metal energy to this cover. You could tell this was a cover just from the way the song was put together but to hear a band as heavy as TDWP cover rap really showed how people could be inspired by vast genre differences. This song was featured on Punk Goes Crunk, a compilation in the series that unfortunately never got a second installment.


2. Turn Down For What

For some reason Turn Down For What, the Upon A Burning Body cover of the DJ Snake and Lil Jon hit, isn’t available on Spotify and hasn’t been for some time. So while I can’t easily listen to this cover, I go out of my way to listen to it on YouTube or wherever else its available due to how enjoyable it is. Upon A Burning Body was able to get labelmate, all star rapper and frontman of Body Count, Ice-T for this cover.


1. All Star

Finally, at number one on our best Punk Goes covers ranked list we have Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!’s cover of Smashmouth’s superior 90’s hit All Star. This cover provided by Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! appeared on the second installment of Punk Goes 90’s which was one of the last few Punk Goes compilations to get released.

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