The Devil Wears Prada ZII Review

The Devil Wears Prada ZII Review

The Devil Wears Prada has officially released their Zombie EP follow up ZII. While this isn’t the second but third EP from the band, ZII follows the same concept as the Zombie EP. The band’s EP released in between Zombie EP and ZII was Space EP which was also horror concept themed. The difference however was that Space EP was about aliens and space exploration, not zombies. Zombies have been a huge concept for the last few decades now but don’t think it’s dying out.

At any time it can always come back because zombies are huge properties within a bunch of franchises. No matter what kind of media displays them, it appears that zombies will remain popular. This album was favored among fans and the anticipation behind ZII was pretty big as well. If you already know you’re going to be or already are a fan of ZII, you can check out the album here. With the release of ZII we decided to review the highly anticipated The Devil Wears Prada EP.


The intro track to ZII, Nightfall, is one of the lighter songs on the EP still heavy. As every other song on the EP with its extremely dark tones, this feels more evolved as TDWP grows. These tones are present on all of TDWP’s releases but feels more connected to Zombie EP than any other releases. I’m calling this one of the lighter songs on the record, not for its lyrics but for it’s softer vocals. Nightfall immediately has the exact vibe that Dead Throne had with very dark guitars, tones, and blast beats. Dead Throne was the first release from the band after Zombie EP and the dark, sinister tones they’ve discovered.



Forlorn is another song with softer vocal styles throughout but its much less than in Nightfall. The experimental kind of guitar work here really puts this song above Nightfall with how heavy it is. Besides the guitar work in this song, the drums standout a lot to me and make this a true headbanger.



Termination’s drums stick out to me the most overall out of all other instruments of the track. Termination sounds like a classic TDWP song for the most part, specifically before and leading up to Zombie EP. However once the song hits the 2:25 mark, the song evolves into what is more of the experimental TDWP sound.



Nora has the absolute slowest start but doesn’t disappoint as it turns into a classic The Devil Wears Prada song in a matter of seconds.  While The Devil Wears Prada displays all of their different styles on music shown on all of their releases on Nora more than any other song on the EP. The song is full of surprises from beginning to end but this song feels very much like Plagues or With Roots Above And Branches below at time but overall almost sounds like it could be a b-side from 8:18.



The final song from ZII, Contagion is probably the heaviest song on the entire EP and from the band in a while. That’s not saying the band’s current music isn’t heavy like Zombie EP or ZII but the band have become somewhat of a different genre since the EP. This song felt like it should have had some sort of radio noise or speaking like the first EP but since it’s missing throughout the rest of the EP, I wasn’t surprised.

The song ends somewhat abruptly but does fade in classic TDWP fashion, overall Contagion felt like it should of rounded out the EP better but it was still an incredible, unpredictable song. Specifically, the beginning of this song reminds me a lot of Louder Than Thunder from With Roots Above And Branches Below. More than halfway through the song however, you forget you’re listening to a new TDWP song with how much this song reminds me of Dead Throne.


Overall, the album definitely feels like a sequel to Zombie EP, it also feels like a step forward from The Devil Wears Prada but the band has used much heavier, experimental elements on the album that weren’t seen from the band elsewhere. To me this shows The Devil Wears Prada enters a totally different headspace when they write these concept EPs to create a true work of art. The band could even be inspired by their own work on this album.

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