The 10 Best Culture Club Songs of All-Time

Culture Club

From their first hit, “Do You Want to Hurt Me,” to their last, “I Just Wanna Be Loved,” the English new wave band Culture Club has dabbled in various styles and genres as one of the most recognizable brands in the world, singer/songwriter/producer Boy George and his former bandmates have made their mark on pop music with catchy melodies, danceable rhythms, and thoughtful lyrics. The band was formed in 1981 after Boy George met drummer Jon Moss at the Blitz Club in London. They developed their unique sound using synthesizers and programming with live drums while adding lightning-fast guitar runs. The band’s first album, “Kissing to Be Clever,” was released in 1982 and produced two hit singles: “Do You Want to Hurt Me” and “Time (Clock of the Heart).” Their second album, “Colour By Numbers,” was released in 1983 and featured their biggest hit, “Karma Chameleon.” The album reached number one in both the UK and US. It also featured their other hit singles, “Church of the Poison Mind,” “Miss Me Blind,” and “It’s a Miracle.” The band continued to produce successful albums throughout the 1980s and the 1990s and scored several hits, including: “Victims,” “Move Away,” and “I Just Wanna Be Loved.” After Moss left the band, he was replaced by Jonny Sabot in 2007. To date, Boy George and Culture Club remains one of the best-selling UK acts of all time. The band’s music continues to appeal to both mainstream and LGBT audiences. Below are The 10 Best Culture Club Songs:

10. Karma Chameleon


This high-energy single from “Colour By Numbers” features a lively melody and fast beats. Lyrically, the song is about a man searching for his lover at a club while trying to hide from his wife. “Haven’t seen my baby since that night.” The protagonist in the song changes his look and style throughout the night to avoid detection and keep his affair a secret, but that does not work for him in the end.

9. It’s A Miracle


This track from “Colour By Numbers” features a slow melody and deep lyrics. The song is about the protagonist meeting an attractive stranger who changes his life through the power of love. “He’s gonna make me fall in love with him.” The lyrics also explore the reality of love and the difference between fantasy and real life. “I never felt so happy before. And I know we’ll last forevermore.”

8. Mistake No. 3


This song is about a man who wants to break up with his significant other but can not do it. He expresses these feelings in an upbeat and energetic song. “I want to be free; set me free.” He feels like a ‘mistake No. 3’ because he thinks he is too good for her, but she is better than the others. He eventually confronts her and tells her he wants to break up. “I’m not like you; no, I don’t want to be with you.”

7. White Boy


This is a message song about racial discrimination and African-Americans’ struggle to go through in America. “In all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.” The protagonist sings about wanting to be white because society favors Caucasians. He feels like his life would be easier if he were not Black. “I wish I were white, now wouldn’t that be nice. Wouldn’t it be nice to live a life without strife?”

6. I’ll Tumble 4 Ya


This track is high-energy and infectious. The song explores love and how the protagonist feels about his significant other. “You are my friend, and I love you till the end.” The protagonist in the song states that he would do anything for his lover, even if it meant tumbling around. “Just to show you I love you, yes I do.”

5. Move Away


This song is about moving on from a past relationship but still wanting to be friends with their former lover. The protagonist sings about having a good time with the break-up person. He was able to move on and forget about his past. “Goodbye is such a tiny word, but it could break your heart in two.”

4. Time (Clock Of The Heart)


This song is an anthem about the dangers of overindulging and how that can lead to a downward spiral. “Don’t let it catch you when it comes, don’t let it catch you on the way down.” The protagonist sings about a friend going through a rough time and how he does not want that to happen to him. “Don’t let the clock strike midnight; don’t let it break your heart.” The protagonist’s friends are not there for him anymore, and he no longer trusts anyone. “I’m all alone, but I won’t be blue.”

3. Miss Me Blind


This song is an anthem about the protagonist’s love life and his feelings about his former lover. “I miss you, baby; I can’t stand the pain.” The singer misses his former lover, but he knows it was for the best that they ended their relationship. “I pushed you, baby; I drove you to your knees.” He feels guilty about mistreating her and not being a good enough boyfriend. He made mistakes and realized that he was wrong. “I hope you find what you are after; I wish that I could change the past.”

2. Do You Want To Hurt Me


This is a song about the protagonist’s abusive relationship and his experience with domestic violence. “Every time I see your photograph, it makes me want to cry.” He sings about how he was controlled by his significant other and could not leave. “You were my lover, and you were my friend.” His abuser was the only person he trusted and confided in. “Now you tell me you don’t love me, no.”

1. Church Of The Poison Mind


The track was initially written with The Police in mind, but their manager turned down the collaboration. It finally found its home on Culture Club’s 1983 album “Colour By Numbers.” The song is an anthem about the dangers of peer pressure and how it can lead to violence. “I’ve got something to say, and I hope you’re listening.” The protagonist sings about how he wants to prevent violence and encourages people to talk it out. “I believe we could be closer if we dig a little deeper.” The song encourages people not to take advantage of others and that everyone is equal. “Open up your eyes and look to the skies, sweet child of mercy, please don’t cry.”


Culture Club is an English new wave band formed in London in 1981. They are known for their hit singles “Do You Want To Hurt Me,” “Time (Clock of the Heart),” and “Karma Chameleon.” The band is fronted by the androgynous lead singer Boy George. Their influence has been critical in the club and pop music scenes and has won four awards, including three MTV Video Music Awards, one American Music Award, and one BRIT Award. They also had nine top ten hits in the US throughout their career.

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