The 10 Best The Animals Songs of All-Time

The Animals

The Animals started performing in the 1960s. Originally from Newcastle upon Tyne, they ended up moving to London approximately four years after they began performing. As one of the premier UK-based rhythm and blues bands of all time, they had a number of hits that still remain immensely popular today. If you have never heard any of their music for yourself, you don’t know what you’re missing. Fortunately, you can see what 10 of their most popular songs are all about right here. They’re all ranked from number 10 down to number one, and they even have YouTube links so you can listen to each one. Go ahead, do yourself a favor and check out some of their music. You’ll be glad you did.

10. There Is A House In New Orleans (1964)


This is a song that deals with making choices in life that might not be the best ones. More specifically, it deals with making many of the same mistakes that were made by one’s parents, even when it’s obvious that those mistakes have caused a great deal of pain for them and others around them.

9. Don’t Bring Me Down (1966)


Any person who has ever felt overlooked and criticized by those who they’re close to understands the message in the song. The lyrics deal with someone trying to talk to a person that they should be able to be close to, yet they’re constantly being criticized and brought down by them as opposed to being lifted up. The song goes on to talk about the type of damage that such things can do, serving as something that really should get people to think about the way that they speak to others on a routine basis.

8. La Casa Del Sol Naciente (2009)


This is actually a re-release of the song, “There Is A House In New Orleans.” As you might have noticed by the Spanish title, the song has a bit of a different twist on it as compared to the original version. It’s also worth noting that this particular song was also released in 2009, many years later than everything else on this list. Considering the fact that the band was in its prime during the mid-1960s, it’s saying quite a lot to even have a song that is re-released so many years later. It serves as a testament to the quality of the song and the popularity of the band as a whole.

7. When I Was Young (1969)


This is a rather melancholy song that talks about how difficult things were during World War II. A lot of people think about the times when they were younger and they remember them as happy times, even wishing that they could go back to them. The lyrics in this song definitely put a different spin on things. The storyteller talks about how difficult things were, painting a rather stark picture of how things were.

6. We Gotta Get out of This Place (1965)


In this story, a very dark picture is painted of a life where there is very little hope. The person in the song is struggling with poverty, addiction and immeasurable heartache, having watched his own father die in squalor because the family didn’t have enough money to get him the help he needed. The lyrics discuss the need to leave such a place and start a new life, yet not knowing exactly how to accomplish such a goal.

5. See See Rider (1966)


This was easily one of the more popular songs that the band ever recorded. It’s fairly upbeat and talks mainly about getting involved in a relationship that causes the individual in the song to forget about virtually everything else. In fact, all he can think about is the other person in the relationship. He goes on, asking her whether or not she realizes what she’s done, because he can no longer focus on anything but her and the relationship that has formed between the two of them.

4. Baby Let Me Take You Home (1964)


This is one of the quintessential 1960s songs that talks about getting involved in a new relationship and talking to the other person in that relationship, saying that if they will only allow them to get closer, the two of them will have a love that will last for the rest of their lives. It might sound a bit cheesy, but it’s something that was quite prevalent at that particular point in time. As you might have noticed from the ranking on this list, it’s also a song that was a fan favorite back then and even one that continues to be to this day.

3. Bring It On Home To Me (1965)


The song talks about being open with one’s feelings. More specifically, it’s about discussing how you feel in a relationship. The lyrics talk about a guy telling his girlfriend that if she ever decides she’s not in love with him anymore, he wants her to come and tell her that so that they can talk it out and continue to have a close relationship as opposed to not talking and simply allowing things to get worse over time until there’s nothing left to repair. It’s a refreshing take on things and it makes one wonder why more people don’t still have a relationship structure that allows them to say what they need to say whenever they need to say it.

2. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood (1965)


The lyrics here talk about someone who has disappointed his significant other, lashing out when he wishes he would have just been quiet. He’s telling her that it’s impossible for someone to be perfect all the time, trying to explain his side of things to her and asking her not to misunderstand his intentions.

1. House Of The Rising Sun (1964)


Here is yet another version of the song about a mysterious house in New Orleans. As you can see, this was easily their most popular song, as it has no less than three different versions that you can enjoy. If you’re a fan of the song, like so many others, you might even be tempted to download all three versions so you can hear the often-subtle differences that make each one unique.

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