Ranking All The Songs from The American Pie Soundtrack

Sugar Ray

American Pie is a movie written by Adam Herz and directed by Paul Weitz. It was released in 1999. Overall, the movie is about four guys in high school who are determined to lose their virginity. Although most of the film centers around them and their ups and downs with the fairer sex. American Pie is raunchy in places but also feels like an endearing tribute to some of the awkward teenage years. In fact, it was so popular it spawned several sequels. One of the things that cement its place in moviegoers’ hearts is the music throughout the movie. Each song is not a filler but a well-placed tune that brings the scene further to life. Let’s look at the pieces in the film from least to most memorable.

13. Super Down – Super Transatlantic


This song was first released on the American Pie soundtrack as part of the end credits. A year later, it appeared on the group’s album, Shuttlecock. However, much like other artists from the early aughts, they never made it past their first album.

12. Vintage Queen – Goldfinger


Throughout the movie, Jim places Nadia on a pedestal. In one scene, he talks to his friend Sherminator, a guy more hopeless in love than Jim. While discussing Jim’s attraction to Nadia, this song provides the punctuation for the conversation.

11. Stranger By Day – Shades Apart



There are many heightened emotional moments as people navigate the bumps in high school relationships. Unfortunately, Kevin’s character often sticks his foot in his mouth during the movie. He makes an insensitive comment, and Vickie reacts by storming off while at another one of Stiffler’s parties.

10. Good Morning Baby – Bic Runga/Dan Wilson


Oz and Heather are another high school couple completely falling for each other. However, unlike Vickie and Kevin, they are determined to try to make their love last past high school One of their best scenes in the movie is set to this song It’s when Heather visits Oz and work and talks about their college plans The sweetness of the song helps their words shine through.

9. Find Your Way Back Home – Dishwalla


One of the hardest parts of high school is realizing you and the person you are with aren’t going to last Kevin and Vickie are those characters in American Pie. They have many poignant scenes throughout the movie and some downright painful to watch. This song highlights the post-prom scene when they realize it’s one of the last times they will see each other before going off to college.

8. Summertime – Bachelor Number One


Like the other end-credit song, this group only made it to one additional album. However, this song makes sitting through the credits worthwhile.

7. Man With A Hex – The Atomic Fireballs


The boys in the movie are the main focus, but the characters of Vickie and Jessica get a lot of airplay too. One of their most memorable scenes is when they question whether Vickie has ever had an orgasm As Vickie makes cracks and throws several euphemisms around bars of this song.

6. Wishen – The Loose Nuts


The movie title comes from an infamous incident with a pie. Kevin tells Jim that having sex for the first time is like warm apple pie, and he takes it quite literally in an uncomfortable and awkward scene. Before Jim’s dad bursts into the room, Jim tries to figure out if sex truly is like apple pie. At the same time, this song provides the soundtrack for his misadventures.

5. Sway – Bic Runga


The two couples who have the sweetest relationship in the movie are Oz and Heather and Vickie and Kevin. Throughout the film, their adorableness counterbalances the zany antics of the others. Those who have many years between their high school years and now can look back on the sequence where this song plays and fondly remember those days and how it felt to be with your first love. Even though this song is over twenty years old, it remains current because it is a sweet ballad that communicates high school love.

4. You Wanted More – Tonic


Throughout the movie, you discover Michelle is a surprising character. Looks are certainly deceiving with her because, at first glance, she is the quintessential band geek. Since Jim doesn’t get his first choice, Nadia, he goes with Michelle to prom, and he gets a huge surprise. She is not the inexperienced geek he thought she was. As this song plays in the background, Michelle makes a decisive move that catches Jim off guard.

3. Glory – Sugar Ray


This song first debuted on the group’s freshman album 14:59. However, unlike several songs on the album, it never became a hit until it showed up on the American Pie soundtrack. The song is the backdrop for the “locker room” talk between Kevin, Oz, and Jim. After Kevin and Vickie shared a moment upstairs in Stiffler’s house, Vickie’s reaction is set to another song on this list.

2. New Girl – Third Eye Blind


This song kicks off the movie. While it plays, moviegoers are introduced to many characters Oz, Kevin, and Jim are having a conversation by the lockers about girls. How cute they are, Jim chimes in about the Little Mermaid and how his friends can’t deny how good-looking she is. Vickie, Kevin’s girlfriend, receives her college acceptance letter in the parking lot. This song was recorded specifically for the movie.

1. Mutt – Blink 182


One of Jim’s enduring charms is that he seems utterly hopeless with girls. During the movie, he takes his crush on Nadia too far and tries to taper her while she is changing in his room. However, plans go awry, and when he walks in, she’s so into it he can’t say no, so the entire escapade ends up broadcasted across the internet. According to Songfacts, Blink 182 chose the title of this song because it refers to someone who dates beneath them. This is undoubtedly true with Nadia, who perfectly fits the seemingly unattainable girl.

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