The 10 Best Tyler Farr Songs of All-Time

Tyler Farr

Tyler Lynn Farr is a country music artist born in 1984. His music talent began to grow in popularity when he was 29. That was after charting his first single ‘Hot Mess.’ Farr has charted eight songs on the Country Airplay and Billboard Hot Country song charts. He might not have appeared on any chart since his last top single in 2016, but his releases continue to fortify his talent. This country music artist is known for singing songs that evolve around heartbreaks, a style he’s mastered and has grown to be excellent in. Here are the ten best Tyler Farr songs that are worth listening to when living with blues or reminiscing past moments about your growing up or love life.

10. Living With The Blues


This single from the Redneck Crazy album ‘Living with The Blues’ was released in 2013. This song will remind you of Travis Tritt and Hank Williams, Jr. Farr employs a whiskey-drenched performance in this particular ballad which is not far from the style embraced by these two artists. The song talks about the feeling of depression or sadness that comes with a breakup.

9. Our Town


Home sweet home is a subjective phrase. But, as we may conclude based on this 2016 single release, Farr is reminiscing his growing up in Garden City, Missouri. It’s clear that he still holds to the values of his childhood in this small town. The song was inspired by what Farr saw on the news during his recovery after undergoing a micro-laryngeal surgery. He wrote this track with the help of Seth Ennis, his Sony label mate. It peaked at number 53 on the U.S. Country Airplay chart.

8. Hot Mess


Co-written by country music song experts Dallas Davidson, Ben Haylip, and Rhett Akins is this first single from Farr’s Red Crazy album. The song was released in 2012. It charted on Billboard Hot Country Songs peaking at position 49. This hit seems to have impressed Chuck Dauphin, a Billboard contributor who in 2017 ranked it number seven of Farr’s top ten best songs.

7. I Should Go To Church Sometimes


We often have to dig deeper to find ourselves. This 2017 release from Farr’s album, also titled ‘I should Go to Church Sometime,’ reflects personal choices and faith. The lyrics are about an individual seeking resurgence. They contemplate going to church, mending their ways, and changing their behavior in order to have a better life. This song calls us to acknowledge the power of the ‘Most High’ (God), to seek and pursue Him without trepidation.

6. I Don’t Even Want This Beer


Penned by Tyler Farr, Houston Phillis, Wade Kirby, and Phil O’Donnel is the ‘I Don’t Even Want This Beer’ song from his second studio album, ‘suffer in peace.’ It talks about being sober, thinking about her rather than taking beer. Unlike most country music songs, this Farr’s single released in 2015 doesn’t glamorize alcohol; rather, it encourages sobriety even during heartbreaks.

5. Hello Goodbye


Another heartbreaking song from the ‘Redneck Crazy’ is this 2013 release co-written with Skip Black and Kris Bergsnes. Farr’s ability to alter his vocals is well showcased in this ballad. He indeed did this single justice. Switching up from the rough-hewn and temperamental tone on the verses to the high-pitched voice on the chorus is a commendable performance. The song peaked at numbers 47 on the Country Airplay chart and 52 on the Hot Country Songs.

4. Withdrawals


‘Withdrawals’ is the second single from the Suffer in Peace album. This great hit was composed by three professional songwriters, Hillary Lindsey, Josh Kear, and Gordie Sampson, and was released in June 2015. It charted on the Country Airplay chart reaching number 52 and position 47 on the Billboard Hot County Songs chart. The song features a man on a rough patch, trying to get over a breakup. He relates the split-up experience to an addiction. It is one of Farr’s ballads that has become a favorite to his fans and critics.

3. Better In Boots


Released in 2015 is the ‘Better In Boots,’ the third and final single from his suffer in peace album. The song was written by Justin Wilson, Dave Pittenger, and the Runaway June group vocalist Naomi Cooke. Better In Boots charted on Hot Country Songs and Billboard Country Airplay, peaking at no. 27 on both. It also ranked position 43 on Canada Country Chart.

2. A Guy Walks Into A Bar


This classic song was released in August 2014, charting number one on the Country Airplay chart, number 51 on the Hot Songs chart, and seventh position on the Hot Country Songs. It is the lead song on the Suffer in Peace album, written by Brad Tursi, Melissa Pierce, and Jonathan Singleton. Farr’s vocal performance on this single is to be admired. He picks at a high note and goes on to narrate about the character in the song whose life seemed to take a different turn when he hit the bar, but nothing had changed. This song got gold certification from RIAA, selling over 500,000 units. Its success is highly attributed to Farry’s song delivery techniques.

1. Redneck Crazy


Released in 2013 is the ‘Redneck Crazy,’ a song that changed Farr’s music career for the better. It was written by Chris Tompkins, Josh Kear, and Mark Irwin. This third single from Farr’s first album, ‘Redneck Crazy,’ depicts a man who is after his girlfriend for cheating him with another man. The man is heartbroken, and he’s not ready to let go or even wish the new lovers a life full of happiness and love. This song received different reactions, with some interpreting it as a singer’s warning to his to be ex while others claimed it promoted violence. Regardless, the song received enormous acceptance. It achieved great chart success in the U.S., peaking the third position on the Country Airplay chart, no. 2 on the Hot Country Singles, and no. 29 on the Hot 100 chart. It also charted in Canada, reaching no. Fifty-seven on the Hot 100 chart and topping the seventh position on the Country chart. Willie Robertson’s, Colt Ford’s, and Lee Brice’s appearance on this song was very impactful. This star power presence gave this hit a popularity boost.


Tyler Farr is one of the most talented country music artists. But, he nails it when performing heartbreak songs. If you listen to his lyrics, you’d think he has first-hand experience of breakups. These 10 Tyler Farr Songs are the best hits for those undergoing heartbreaks.

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