The 10 Best Travis Tritt Songs of All-Time

Travis Tritt

Travis Tritt is an American country music singer, songwriter, and actor who began his career in 1989. At the beginning of his career, he signed to Warner Bros. Records. Between then and 1999, Tritt released seven studio albums and a greatest hits package. He then signed to Columbia Records and released a further three albums before signing to Category 5, a now-defunct record label, to release another studio album. Throughout his career, Travis Tritt has achieved huge success, with seven of his albums certified Platinum or higher, including the triple-platinum certified album ‘It’s All About to Change.’ Here are the 10 best Travis Tritt songs of all time.

10. Here’s a Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares) (1991)


Billboard lists ‘Here’s a Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares)’ as one of the best Travis Tritt songs. He wrote the song the night he received his divorce papers at the end of his second marriage. It is about a man whose former partner asks to come back, and he rejects the offer. In both the United States and Canada, the song peaked at number two on the country charts.

9. Take It Easy (1994)


‘Take It Easy’ was originally a single released by The Eagles. In 1994, Travis Tritt released an album of covers of his favorite songs by The Eagles called ‘Common Thread: The Songs of the Eagles.’ From this album, the only song he released as a single was ‘Take It Easy.’ On the country charts in Canada, the song ranked at number 12, while it only reached number 21 on the country charts in the United States. All five members of The Eagles appeared on the music video, and it prompted them to reunite for a tour.

8. Country Club (1989)


‘Country Club’ was Travis Tritt’s debut single from his debut album of the same name, both of which were released in 1989. Although he was relatively unknown when he released the single and album, they both did well in the charts. On the country charts, this single peaked at number nine in the United States and number 22 in Canada. The song is about a man trying to get the attention of a woman at a country club of which he is not a member.

7. Tell Me I Was Dreaming (1995)


The third single Tritt released from his fourth studio album, ‘Ten Feet Tall and Bulletproof,’ was ‘Tell Me I Was Dreaming.’ Although the song only ranked at 22 on the US country charts, it has remained a fan favorite. It was significantly more successful in Canada, peaking at number 12 on the country chart. The music video that accompanies the track is a continuation of the storyline from the music video for ‘Anymore.’ In this music video, the Vietnam war veteran and his wife are now expecting a child.

6. I’m Gonna Be Somebody (1990)


‘I’m Gonna Be Somebody’ was the third single Tritt released from his debut album ‘Country Club.’ Although it topped the country charts in Canada, it peaked at number two on the equivalent charts in the United States. It is a song about a singer who wants to make it big someday, but as yet, has been unsuccessful. The song was co-written by Jill Colucci and Stewart Harris.

5. Best of Intentions (2000)


When ‘Best of Intentions’ was released in 2000, Tritt had not had a number one hit for nine years. He had recently moved from Warner Bros. Records, and it was the first single he released since signing to Columbia Records, and it peaked at number one on the country charts in the United States. However, it is also worth noting that Tritt has not had a number one single since he released this song. ‘Best of Intentions’ features on the album ‘Down the Road I Go.’ Travis Tritt wrote and co-produced the song.

4. Foolish Pride (1991)


Tritt’s fourth number one single in Canada and the United States was his 1991 single ‘Foolish Pride,’ taken from his fourth studio album, ‘Ten Feet Tall and Bulletproof.’ The song is a ballad about a failed relationship and the pride of the two people involved, which has prevented them from showing their true feelings. Travis Tritt was the sole writer of this track. The B-side to the single was ‘No Vacation from the Blues.’

3. Can I Trust You with My Heart (1992)


‘Can I Trust You With My Heart’ was Travis Tritt’s third number one single in both Canada and the United States and is featured on his third album, ‘T-R-O-U-B-L-E.’ The song was co-written by Travis Tritt and Stewart Harris. It is about a man falling in love with a woman and wondering if the love is strong enough for their relationship to develop further.

2. Anymore (1991)


‘Anymore’ was the seventh single released by Tritt, and it featured on his 1991 album ‘It’s All About to Change.’ The song was released with an emotional music video showing a Vietnam war veteran in a wheelchair who needs to open up to his wife about his true feelings. Travis Tritt co-wrote the track with Jill Colucci.

1. Help Me Hold On (1990)


According to Country Daily, the best Travis Tritt song was ‘Help Me Hold On.’ It was the second single he released, and it featured on his debut album ‘Country Club.’ The song was Tritt’s first number one hit in both the United States and Canada. Travis Tritt wrote the song, which is about a man begging his partner not to leave him and how he realizes he needs to change to make the relationship work.

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