10 That You Didn’t Know About Fivio Foreign

Fivio Foreigh

Fivio Foreign is an American citizen and a famous rapper and songwriter in the US. He is known for his songs, and his followers love him. His life is so interesting, and we can learn a lot from him and his career in music. Here are several things that you didn’t know about Fivio Foreign.

1. His dream as a young boy

Fivio was born on March 29, 1990, in Brooklyn, New York City. His Zodiac sign is Aries, and he is an African-American. He grew up in Brooklyn and spent his childhood there. Music was something he dreamt of doing one day. And while growing up, he developed his talent by spending time doing what he loved, which was rapping. As a kid, he lived in the same hood as Rowdy Rebel and Bobby Shmurda. And like any other child, he spent his childhood well and playing fun games with his friends and enjoyed every bit of it, but in his mind, he had a goal to achieve.

2. His personal life and love for tattoos

Fivio’s real name is Maxie Lee Ryles III. His stage name was initially called Lite Fivio, but he later changed it in 2013 to Fivio Foreign. He is a man with a brown complexion, brown eyes, and black hair. His body weight is approximately 79 kg. His sexual orientation is straight. His height is 6 feet and 2 inches. He is into tattooing. He has tattooed his debt EP across his knuckles. Over his right eye, he has the “Lafayette,” a street that has been inked on him. He is a great fan of astronomy.

3. ‘Growing up’ after the death of his mum

In 2016 Fivio lost his mother, who died of a stroke. His mom was on life support machines, and when she died, Fivio was slapped with the realization that he had to grow up since his mom handled a lot of things for him and had to handle it on his own. He didn’t grow up with his father; the two were not close.

4. Love Life

Fivio Foreign once dated Jasmine Gisselle. He was accused of having punched her and kicked her while she was expecting his child in their home in New Jersey. Fivio denied all allegations against him. Fivio is currently dating Sarah Snyder, and both have been showing PDA on Instagram and face-timing. Sarah is an Instagram model and also an influencer. She currently has more than 1.9 followers. She has been posting several pictures of her and Fivio on her page.

5. Career

With early practice and learning about rapping, Fivio knew what he wanted to achieve in life and where he wanted to be in the future. He started watching YouTube and searching for famous rappers at the age of 7, and this inspired him more to be a rapper. According to wealthy spy, Fivio started rapping at the age of 21, back in 2011as time went he changed his name in 2013 to how he is known now as Fivio Foreign and did some collabo with other musicians like Gino Montana.

6. His Hit songs and collaborations

After the death of his mother in 2018, Fivio was hit hard by the loss; however, this awakened him, and he started concentrating more on his career. He took his music to another level and appeared in other songs. His breakthrough came in 2019 after he realized his single “Big Drip” the song got a remix from Lil Baby and Quavo, according to Wikipedia, Fivio was signed by Mases’s Richfish Records and Columbia Records, and like other rappers, this was only the beginning of his journey in the industry. He got featured in Drake’s song “Demons,” which hit the Billboard Hot 100 at 34 in 2020. He later did a collaboration that did well and made its way on the Hot 100 at number 65 with Pop Smoke and Lil Tjay on “Zoo York.” His net worth was estimated to be $500 thousand by 2019. This was brought by his primary income source (his music), and real-life stories inspire all his songs.

7. A gun missing Its serial number case

Fivio was arrested and charged for weapon possession, more so without a serial number and his resistance to arrest. The whole thing transpired while he was in Fort Lee, New Jersey. He had left his Mercedes-Benz in a non-parking zone, Which attracted police attention that led them to ask for Fivio’s driver’s license, but instead, Fivio asked if he was being given a ticket. He then walked away, and one officer began pursuing him as the other remained in the car. Fivio began running, and the officer found him in a parking garage. While the two struggled (Fivio resisting arrest and the officer trying to arrest him), a .25-caliber handgun that was loaded dropped from Fivio’s waistband. The officer took it in possession, and the authorities later realized that the gun didn’t have a serial number. Fivio was later sent to BergenCounty Jail, found in Hackensack.

8. Allegations

According to xxlmag, while dating Jasmine Gisselle, they once found themselves arguing, and the neighbors accused him of beating her up while she was expecting his child. The internet broke loose with this news. Fivio bounced back with replies on Twitter that arguing between couples is normal and that the neighbors just overreacted. On the other hand, Jasmine got out to defend her man also on Twitter.

9. His Generosity

Fivio formed a foundation called Foreignside Foundation in 2020. He created the foundation to build a positive vibe and network with less privileged families by assisting them financially. Fivio looks back at his youthful days and regrets all he did. If only he had guidance, he would have done things differently.

10. Death Rumors About Fivio Foreign

Fivio was expected to perform in Atlanta, at Atlanta’s Eleven45 club, before the gig shootings were fired and Fivio’s black Suburban SUV was hit hard. One of the first people to present to the world the false rumor of Fivio’s death was Murda Beats as he posted a RIP note on his Instagram story, which he later deleted and apologized. People who are close to Fivio claimed that the rapper is well and good. A video that shows how damaged Fivios’ car was is in the link below.

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