10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sleepy Brown

Sleepy Brown

Patrick Brown is better known by his stage name, Sleepy Brown. He was born in 1970 and grew up in Savannah, Georgia. Since his father, Jimmy Brown was a musician, it was only natural for the son to gravitate towards music, and Brown began playing the keyboard and writing songs in the hip hop arena. His skills caught the attention of Ray Murray, and together with Big Boi, they formed Organized Noize. The group has not been active for a while, but in 2019 Brown teased an album, “The Big Sleepover.” It is a collaboration between him and Big Boi, and they released a song, “Lower Case (No Cap),” from the album in June 2021. The album is expected to be out on September 3, and as we wait to hear what he has in store for us, let’s help you learn a few things about him and his career as a rapper.

1. He Always Wanted To Be a Musician

Brown told NPR that music runs in his genes. His father was in a band, Brick, in the 1970s, and although he witnessed the ups and downs his father went through, Brown was still inspired to take up music. Therefore, when he recorded his first solo album, it was his spiritual awakening because he understood what music meant to him and was finally at peace.

2. His First Time in Spain

Musicians go all out when making videos for their songs, and Brown was not left behind when recording “Margarita.” He went to film it in Majorca, Spain and it was his first time being there. He revealed that although he has never been a corporate guy, he understands what those working corporate go through, so the lyrics encourage such employees to relax after a long hard day at work. However, despite the beauty in Majorca, he confessed he had to be out in the sun filming, but since he loves making music, he did not feel like it was hard work.

3. Why He Didn’t Release “Grown and Sexy.”

Speaking to Brain Magazine, Brown said that he had always wanted to become a solo artist. Therefore, he recorded “Grown and Sexy,” which was announced by Interscope in 2004. Despite having talented musicians, including Nate Dogg and Kurupt, Brown still decided not to release it. The musician said that Interscope wanted him to record radio hits, yet he wanted something more personal. Therefore, he was released from his contract, and the funny thing is the following year, Babyface released an album titled “Grown and Sexy.”

4. He Had One Song with T.I.

It seems that shelving projects had become a thing that Brown became accustomed to in the past. Besides not releasing “Grown and Sexy,” he still went ahead to do another song with T.I. Although rumors had it that it was an entire album, it was only a song in which Brown sang, and another artist he referred to as Reese worked on the neat. However, the song was not released, and Brown did not cite any reason.

5. His First Time Meeting a Rapper

According to an interview the artist did with Passion of The Weiss, Brown had the chance to be backstage, but the only band he would interact with was Brick, his fathers. They are the only band that talked to him because they had gotten used to Brown like he was their own son. However, when he was ten, the most incredible thing happened; he saw Wonder Mike. Of course, at such a young age and being used to only being with his uncles and father, Brown seeing the rapper and speaking to him was a dream come true.

6. The Proudest Moment for Him as Part of Organized Noize

Everyone has their own idea of success, and for Brown, it was landing a lucrative deal with a major record label. According to an interview with Complex, he said that they signed a contract worth $20 million with Interscope. Unfortunately, they had to leave it all behind because, as Brown revealed, while they connected on a personal level, musically, they differed. He said the group did not click with Jimmy Iovine because he wanted them to make another “Waterfalls.” Therefore to him, the only good album that came from the Interscope deal was “Coolbreeze.”

7. Why He Named Himself “Sleepy Brown.”

Brown disclosed that as much as he loved musicians like Marvin Gaye and Barry White, none came close to Big Daddy Kane, who became his favorite. So much did he love Kane that Brown noticed the slightest things about him. For instance, Brown saw that whenever Kane performed, he always looked sleepy; therefore, to pay tribute to his favorite musician, he decided to name himself Sleepy Brown, saying it was the best name he could think of at the time.

8. His Love for Organized Instrumentation Began in His Childhood

When Brown told Baltimore Sun, he and Big Boi collaborated in making an album that was a testimony to him. He clarified that the album shed light on him as more than a songwriter and producer. Brown said that since his father was a saxophonist and flutist, he incorporated instruments when producing music. During the 70s, when his father was the lead singer of Brick, musicians were more adventurous with music, and he adopted that kind of adventure. However, he added that despite the 70s influence, his music holds a balance between that era and the modern one.

9. He Keeps a Low Profile

You would expect that the paparazzi would have caught the musician in a compromising situation, but Brown knows how to keep his life under the radar. Therefore there are yet to be any confirmed reports of scandals. However, one article referred to him as a proud father of four, and another said he got married in 1995. Even his background remains confidential; apart from the fact that he attended Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School, there are no further details regarding the musician.

10. His Net Worth

Brown has an estimated net worth of $10 million, mainly from his career as a producer, songwriter, and musician. His skills even got him a Grammy nomination as the producer of “Waterfalls” by TLC in 1995.

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