10 Things You Didn’t Know about The Kid Laroi

The Kid Laroi isn’t your typical 17-year-old. The talented rapper and singer has been working hard to make a name for himself since he entered the music industry in 2015. Things really started to pick up for him in 2019 with the release of hit single “Let Her Go”. Since then, Laroi’s star has been on the rise and he has become known to people all over the world. Although he has yet to release a studio album, his 2020 mixtape F*** Love laid a strong foundation for what’s to come. The Kid Laroi has plenty more good music where that came from and he can’t wait to share it. Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about The Kid Laroi.

1. His Stage Name Has A Special Origin

Due to his stage name, most people probably assume that The Kid Laroi’s first name is actually Laroi – or at least something close to it. However, his stage name has nothing to do with his real name (Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard). Instead, The Kid Laroi was derived from Kamilaroi, the name of an Australian indigenous group which The Kid Laroi descends from on his mother’s side.

2. He Comes From A Musical Family

The Kid Laroi may be the first person in his family to pursue a career as a musical artist, but he isn’t the first one to be part of the music industry. His father, Nick, is an engineer and music producer. His mother, Sloane, is a music manager who has also worked with models.

3. He’s In A Relationship

Not only have the last few years been huge for The Kid Laroi’s career, but they have also been pretty big for his love life. The Kid Laroi is currently in a relationship with popular TikToker, Katarina Deme. The couple has been together for about a year and they appear to be going strong.

4. He Loves Fashion

The Kid Laroi doesn’t just want to sound good, he also wants to look good in the process. He loves fashion and being able to express himself through his clothing. He also has a good eye for putting outfits together. Now that he’s making more money, he enjoys buying expensive clothes.

5. He’s A Tupac Fan

The Kid Laroi listened to a lot of hip hop and R&B when he was younger, but there was something about Tupac’s music that he felt particularly connected to. He was an especially big fan of Tupac’s song, “Dear Mama”. The Kid Laroi told XXL, “That was really cool that someone like me from a whole other country and with a whole different situation could relate to somebody else in some way”.

6. Music Is His Chance To Vent

Self-expression is one of the key components to good art, and that’s exactly what The Kid Laroi loves to do in his music. During an interview with DJ Booth, The Kid Laroi said, “A lot of the time, it’s just stuff I’ve been dying to get out. Sometimes, I’ll black out and say something I didn’t even know that’s how I was feeling.”

7. He’s Already An Award Winner

Even though he is still very early on in his career, The Kid Laroi is already being recognized for his talents. In 2021, he won an APRA Award for Breakthrough Songwriter of the Year. He has also been nominated for a handful of other awards and there’s no doubt that there will be more to come in the future.

8. He Got Some Advice From Elon Musk

The Kid Laroi has gotten to meet a lot of important people over the years, but getting the chance to connect with Elon Musk was an extra special moment for him. He even got the chance to get some advice from the successful entrepreneur. While rehashing his conversation with must during an interview with ABC, The Kid Laroi said, “I asked him, I’m young and making money and I want to spend money, so where would you spend or invest if you were me? He told me, ‘I would put it in a product or something you love and you believe in and that you’re a fan of’”.

9. He Doesn’t Feel Famous

The Kid Laroi might not be an A-list celebrity just yet, but his name is well-known and he’s becoming more popular by the day. However, despite all of the attention he’s been getting, The Kid Laroi admits that being famous hasn’t quite hit him yet. He still feels like a ‘regular’ person even though a lot of things about his life are now far from regular.

10. He Didn’t Expect F*** Love To Get So Popular

Although The Kid Laroi believes in himself and his abilities, he didn’t think that F*** Love was going to be such a big hit because he’s still so new to the industry. However, he was pleasantly surprised with the success of the mixtape and he’s thankful to everyone who supported it.

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