Every Time I Die Breakup

Every Time I Die breakup

Dear and beloved metalcore band Every Time I Die from Buffalo, New York has announced their, quite untimely, breakup and simultaneously broke the hearts of countless hardcore fans. While Every Time I Die wasn’t the biggest band in the world, they had one of the strongest and largest communities and fan bases that I have ever witnessed. Since the Every Time I Die’s formation in 1998, the band has released a total of nine full-length albums and two extended plays with the most recent release on Epitaph Records, “Radical” being released in October. With an album that was released so soon to the date that Every Time I Die had their breakup, it’s curious to know what could have happened between the album release and the breakup. The first and only sign of any possible hostility, breakup, or discomfort between members of the band could only first be assumed by the time it took to create the newest album. Noted that COVID could have altered any sort of writing or recording the band had in mind, “Radical” was the longest time between any full-length release for Every Time I Die. Below, we’ve detailed some history of the band, their festival, the annual day dedicated to the band, and the overall Every Time I Die breakup information that we’ve garnered so far.

Every Time I Die

As stated above, Every Time I Die hail from Buffalo, New York where the band has even been given the key to the city of Buffalo and given their own day to celebrate as well slated, “Every Time I Die Day” on December 15th, with 2019 being the first incarnation of the festival. Every Time I Die Day was a wonderful, and surprising event just in theory as metal music doesn’t tend to get the same treatment, attention, or public love as most other acts get so to see a band like Every Time I Die to be given the key to a city and their own day to celebrate was a huge win for the metalcore community. Every Time I Die has also had a holiday show that happened every year in Buffalo as well called “‘TID The Season” which the band had just completed before they announced their breakup. Traditionally speaking, the band didn’t really announce their breakup as they didn’t even announce the breakup together.

Every Time I Die Breakup

Every Time I Die, like some other choice bands in the scene, always appeared to have a very close, family-style relationship with each other, and I personally never suspected any hostility between the members, but according to various sources, you could see the dissolve very easily at their annual holiday show. While nobody truly claimed to have a poor time at the holiday event prepared by the band annually, keen-eyed viewers of the show and those with memories of the band’s chemistry indeed noticed something wasn’t right between the members. Generally, the band showcase the sort of family that they were and how close they all had been but not it appears that the breakup was either one versus four other members or even the label versus various band members. Overall, only time will tell of what truly happened between the members, their label, and more importantly, the fans.

Rumors Surrounding Every Time I Die Breakup

The various “close sources and fans” that either believed they knew what happened or were familiar with the situation are clear and right to take sides but some appeared to be coming at the band directly or an individual member. While it is fair to fans to be upset, in order to truly have an understanding of what happened or what the future could hold, fans should always wait to hear official word from all members of the band in order to know exactly what could be next. From the original statement made by all but the vocalist, the members except Keith Buckley were likely to play music together again in some form. Since the announcement of the breakup Keither Buckley has already announced, “An Evening with Keith Buckley” in the UK with support from  Honestly, the most heartbreaking part out of all of this news from the Every Time I Die breakup was the separation of brothers Keith and Jordan Buckley, vocalist and lead guitarist respectively. Overall, one can only hope that the rumored intentions of Keith wanting to take the band in more of his own solo approach are soon put to rest and we can get Every Time I Die to recant their breakup.

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