Ranking All 15 Weezer Studio Albums


The American group known as Weezer first started performing in the rock music genre out of the Los Angeles, California area as of 1992 with founding members Rivers Cuomo, Matt Sharp, Patrick Wilson, and Jason Cropper. However, Cropper was fired from the band during the recording of their first st studio album and was replaced by Brian Bell. When Weezer’s debut album was released in 1994 it was named after the band’s name but is more commonly referred to as (The Blue Album) by fans. It reached #16 on the US Billboard 200, but the timing of Weezer’s geeky-style of rock didn’t sync with the fans who were more into grunge at the time. However, despite the cultural clash due to the trend of the times, Weezer still received critical acclaim for the album, plus its hit singles, and a considerable amount of time on music video programs such as MTV. After promoting their debut album, Weezer took a break around the timing of the 1994 Christmas holidays.

When they returned, they recorded and released a second album before taking a break again, this time from 1997 until 2000. As of 2001, Rivers Cuomo, Brian Bell, and Patrick Wilson continue to perform as Weezer with Scott Shriner replacing Mikey Welsh, who had previously replaced Matt Sharp. Throughout the band’s music career, they are actually better known for their creative music videos than they are for their musical performances as every award they’ve received has been video-related. Starting in 1995, their single (Buddy Holly) won four out of the five nominations they received from the MTV Music Video Awards. While they failed to earn the win for Video of the Year, Weezer did win Best Alternative Video, Breakthrough Video, Best Direction, and Best Editing. Apparently, playing the part of a band playing in front of the characters of the infamous series Happy Days within Al’s Diner was simply too good to ignore.

15. OK Human


The first of two albums Weezer would release during the year 2021, (OK Human) would be the first to come out on January 29. Recorded entirely with analog equipment, the band started working on this album as of 2017 with full intention to make it combine orchestra with rock instrumentation. It was originally intended for OK Human to be released at a later date, but the situation had it where the need to finish OK Human came first. On the US Billboard 200, it charted at #41.

14. Pacific Daydream


October 23, 2017, brings forth the album (Pacific Dream), which charts at #23 on the US Billboard 200 and at #41 with the Canadian Albums Chart.

13. Weezer (Black Album)


Weezer’s sixth self-titled album is also dubbed the (Black Album), which was released on March 1, 2019. Its chart placement on the US Billboard 200 was at #19 while with the Canadian Albums Chart at #56. It also made an appearance on the Official Albums Chart of the UK at #73 and with Germany’s GfK Entertainment charts at #96.

12. Weezer (Teal Album)


January 24, 2019, sees the twelfth album coming from Weezer, which is also the fifth that would be titled after the band’s name. Otherwise labeled as the (Teal Album), it has earned the best rank with the US Billboard 200 at #5. While it was a global release, it experienced a mediocre performance among the Australian, Canadian, Irish, New Zealand, and UK music charts.

11. Van Weezer


The most recent album from Weezer (Van Weezer) was released on May 7, 2021, and has realized a chart rank of #11 with the US Billboard 200.

10. Raditude


The seventh album (Raditude) from Weezer was released on November 3, 2009. It was the second time they’d work with the Interscope label, as well as the last. With the US Billboard 200, it ranked seventh while with the Canadian Albums chart at #10.

9. Everything Will Be Alright In the End


Weezer’s ninth studio album (Everything Will Be Alright In the End) was the one and only time they would release through the Republic record label. Coming out on October 7, 2014, the album found itself charted as high as #5 with the US Billboard 200 and with the Canadian Albums chart at #10. It was also ranked within the top 100 throughout most regions of the world with the exception of Austria, Norway, and the Netherlands.

8. Hurley


Released on September 14, 2010, the album (Hurley) would be through the record label known as Epitaph. With the US Billboard 200, it charts as high as #6. It also charted worldwide, but most favorably with Canada at #11.

7. Weezer (White Album)


While it’s Weezer’s tenth studio album release, it is the first since signing up with the Atlantic Record label. When it was released on April 1, 2016, the album charted decent enough worldwide with its highest ranking at #4 with the US Billboard 200. This is the fourth album featuring Weezer’s name as its title but is otherwise dubbed as the White Album.

6. Weezer (The Red Album)


The single (Pork and Beans) earned Weezer a win with the MTV Music Video Award in 2008 for Best Editing, as well as a 2009 Grammy Award for Best Music Video. With nearly 500,000 copies sold since its release on June 3, 2008, it has so far become the band’s sixth most successful album and is just shy of achieving Gold Certification.

5. Maladroit


The fourth studio album (Maladroit) was released on May 14, 2002, and has since earned Gold Certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) with over 600,000 copies sold so far.

4. Pinkerton


Weezer’s second album (Pinkerton) was released on September 24, 1996. It has since earned Platinum Certification with RIAA, as well as Gold Certification from Music Canada (MC), and Silver Certification from the British Phonographic Industry (BPI). In total, over 1 million copies of Pinkerton have been sold worldwide.

3. Make Believe


(Make Believe) is Weezer’s fifth studio album, which was released on May 10, 2005. With over 1.2 million copies sold, it has since earned Platinum Certification from Music Canada and the RIAA. Of all the albums Weezer has produced, Make Believe was the most successful on the charts, appearing at the top with Canada and in second with the US Billboard 200. With the exception of Germany (at #32) and the Netherlands (at #82), Make Believe charted within the top 20 albums worldwide.

2. Weezer (The Green Album)


The second self-titled album is also dubbed (The Green Album), which was released on May 15, 2001. With over 1.6 million copies sold worldwide, it has earned Platinum Certification from Music Canada and the RIAA, as well as Gold Certification from BPI.

1. Weezer (The Blue Album)


On May 10, 1994, the group known as Weezer releases their self-titled debut album, which is more commonly referred to as (The Blue Album). With over 3 million copies sold so far, it has earned triple Platinum Certification from RIAA, 4x Platinum with Music Canada, Platinum with the Recorded Music in New Zealand (RMNZ), and Gold Certification with BPI.

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