10 Awesome Songs about Plants


Whether you’re into horticulture or are a general plant lover, you’ve come across songs about plants at some point. The simple message is to make you appreciate nature. Unsurprisingly, musicians would want to use songs metaphorically or literally to relay varied messages. Whatever the reason, you want to listen to this list of famous songs about plants worth a spot in your playlist. We’ve compiled the best ten to see if any tickles your fancy.

10. “Old Pine” by Ben Howard (2011)

“Old Pine” is about Ben Howard’s growth experience since he met his colleagues. It started with them meeting at the beach, and it sounded like they were camping out there. Part of their vacation involved watching the stars and trailing the forest, creating an aura of an authentic encounter with nature. It’s an excellent song for people looking to appreciate nature and life.

9. “Poisonous Plants” by Coma Cinema (Excess- 2010)

Some artists can be so immersed in their songs that you’d be left wondering if talking to plants is realistic. Coma Cinema’s “Poisonous Plants” showcases the singer talking to his plants. He throws the words: “I’ll water you every day/ and make sure you one day see the light of day.” You won’t help but hum and sing along regardless of being a plant lover or not.

8. “Plants” by Crumb (Locket- 2017)

This song reflects how plants have feelings, like humans and animals. A plant only responds to nature, depending on how it’s treated. The symbiotic relationship between plants and other living things cannot be overlooked because they need each other. At one point in the lyrics, Crumb talks about plants having a life, so they can breathe and die as we do.

7. “What a Plant Needs to Stay Alive” by Jack Hartman (Science Songs- 2015)

“What a Plant Needs to Stay Alive” is a children’s music teaching children about plants’ needs. Jack Hartman sings about plants requiring light, air, water, soil, and nutrients to thrive. The album contains 26 songs, all of which are educational. Most experts believe such songs are the best method for instilling knowledge in kids besides entertaining them. We recommend you include this song in your playlist if you want your child to learn about science.

6. “Plants and Rags” by PJ Harvey (Dry- 1992)

Dry is the first album that a band called PJ Harvey recorded at the Icehouse in Yeovil, United Kingdom. “Plants and Rags” is the ninth song featured in this album, helping it peak at 11 on the UK Albums (OCC) charts. The Norwegian Vinyl Albums ranked it at three. The song also propelled the album’s success by getting silver certification in the UK’s BPI. Polly Harvey and Robert Damian Ellis wrote the lyrics.

5. “Bed of Roses” by Bon Jovi (Keep the Faith- 1992)

Bon Jovi was one of the most successful American rock bands that rose to stardom in the 1990s. “Bed of Roses” is one of their signature songs that grew popular during then. The band’s lead singer, Jon Bon Jovi, wrote this track in a hotel room after an episode of heavy drinking the previous night. The song peaked at ten on the US Billboard Hot 100 and two on the Canadian RPM Top Singles Chart. It didn’t take time before film production houses noticed its popularity. One television show, Ms. Marvel, even featured it in an episode through a band called “Brown Jovi.”

4. “Looking at Plants” by Shlohmo (Heaven Inc. EP- 2020)

“Looking at Plants” is an instrumental song released by Friends of Friends Label. Shlohmo, whose real name is Henry Laufer, is the man behind its experimental production style. The musician also founded the record label Wedidit Records. His most significant break was in 2011 after releasing a debut first full-length LP, Bad Vibes. In 2019, he produced songs for Tory Lanez, Lil Yatchy, Corbin (Spooky Black), and Yung Lean. This song is one of his best hits.

3. “Plastic Plants” by Mahalia (Isolation Tapes-2020)

“Plastic Plants” is a 3:18-minute song that took Mahalia’s musical talent to a new level. She uses plastic plants to express people who enjoy faking lifestyles. At the same time, most people prefer plastic plants to live ones, the former category, because they might not have the resources or time to care for plants. Either way, this is one of the most significant hits that made her even more famous.

2. “Watering My Plants” by Larry June (Adjust to The Game- 2020)

We all know plants require water to thrive. However, Larry uses water to express how much he wants to excel in life. At some point in the lyrics, he mentions, “Damn baby girl, why are you looking sad/It’s sunny outside, and you got a Lil ass.” It doesn’t take a genius to notice his desire to make the woman in question pleased.

1. “Kiss from a Rose” by Seal (Seal-1994)

“Kiss from a Rose” is one of the songs from Seal’s eponymous debut album, written in 1987. At first, Seal felt embarrassed writing it and even threw the tape. Surprisingly, the song became number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 after presenting it to his then-producer, Trevor Horn. The song even went on to become one of the soundtracks for Batman Forever. The song’s original video was directed by Matthew Rolston and William Levin in a photographic studio for the 1966 film, Blowup. The second version of the video was directed by Neil Abramson, showcasing Seal singing it alongside Bat-Signal. Commercially, the song peaked at two on Iceland’s Islenski Listing Top 40 and first on the US Adult Contemporary Billboard in 1995.

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