Spotify Wrapped 2019: How to find out your list

Spotify Wrapped is almost ready to show you what you have listened to the most this year. Also, shows what you are a miss to in 2019.

You can find out your top songs playlist, Tastebreakers playlist songs to broaden your horizon, and how many minutes you listened to music this year on Spotify. You can also check in on the first track you listened to in 2019. As well as the first new artist you discovered anytime soon. However, last year in Spotify Drake, Post Malone, XXXTentacion, J Balvin, and Ed Sheeran to be the most streamed artists for 2018.

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How to find out your Spotify Wrapped 2019 list?

  • First of all, you can visit spotifywrapped.com on your phone or computer
  • Then log in to your Spotify account
  • Spotify will start to show you info on the music you played in 2019, starting with the first song you played most
  • Tap the down arrow to move through all of your stats. At least there are 14 different pages to look
  • The final one will show you the artists and songs you listened to the most in 2019.

Whether your top genre of 2019 was metal, hip-hop, alternative rock, country, all they can say is: That’s a wrap! Have a year full of music, and enjoy your custom playlists. Spotify Wrapped 2019 comes out on December 10th. Also, check out our favorite songs from Tool – Pneuma.

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