Billie Eilish and Fender Combined Together for Signature Ukulele

Billie Eilish and Fender combined together for signature ukulele. Also, the electrical acoustic ukulele was designed by Billie herself with her “blohsh” logo.

Fender is a well-known label on the music world. They produce so many capable of stage-ready instruments. For this ukulele, Fender thanks to Fishman Kula electronics, everything with volume, bass, middle and treble controls, and a built-in tuner. And the other specifications include a no-tie bridge, nato neck, walnut fingerboard, bone nut, and four-in-line, black-finished Tele headstock. In addition, the ukulele is the first instrument Billie Eilish learned and build her own career.

Here’s the press statement from Fender for the Billie Eilish ukulele:

“While Eilish is known for her genre-defying pop sound, it all started for her on an acoustic instrument – the ukulele. At six years old, she used the compact four-string to play her first song, the Beatles’ “I Will.”

Since then, Eilish’s music has evolved and matured, but the ukulele is still an integral part of her sound. “I think the ukulele brings a different feeling to every single song, and it inspires a different kind of writing. Different instruments always make me write differently.” Fan favorites like “Party Favor” and “8” feature the instrument alongside more modern production elements, and a quick internet search reveals uke adaptations and tutorials for everything from “When The Party’s Over” and “Everything I Wanted” to the still-sinister “Bad Guy.”

Billie Eilish Signature Ukulele also available here for a $299 price tag. Check out the exploring video below.

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