The 10 Best Tems Songs of All-Time

Have you heard the music from Nigerian singer/songwriter Tems? She’s only been active for the last few years, since 2018. She has also gone by the name Tems Baby from time to time. At just 27 years of age, she is also a successful record producer.

The majority of her music is composed of the R&B genre, but she has also dabbled with additional genres such as Contemporary, Soul and Afrobeats. In 2022, she won two BET awards, one for Best International Act and the other for Best Collaboration. Below are 10 of her best songs.

When you have a few minutes, give them a listen and see which ones are your personal favorites.

10. Vibe Out (2021)

Everyone has those days when they would rather just not deal with any extra drama. The lyrics in this song speak to that feeling very strongly. They talk about not listening to anyone who comes to them with problems and refusing to spend time with someone that is only going to hurt their feelings. It’s sort of the perfect song for someone who has just had enough of life’s problems for a while and is looking for a way to get away from it all and be at peace with themselves for just a little while.

9. Avoid Things (2021)

As you can probably tell from the title, this is a song that talks about deliberately avoiding the things in life that most of us don’t really enjoy confronting in the first place. That can be practically anything that bothers you.

As a matter of fact, people have a tendency to avoid everything from having a difficult conversation to changing jobs when they know that whatever they’re currently doing isn’t the best thing for them.

This song explores the reasons why people have a tendency to avoid things that might be uncomfortable in the moment, but could mean that they live a much happier life later on. More poignantly, it explores why people are often more likely to remain stuck in a rut that they’re not happy with than take a leap of faith and make the changes they need so things can improve.

8. Found (2021)

Have you ever felt like people just don’t understand you? Maybe you had some experiences in your life where you found it exceedingly difficult to feel like you were being heard, no matter how hard you tried to communicate your side of things.

The amazing thing is that all of that can change if you are fortunate enough to find the right relationship with the right person. This song talks about being found by such an individual. In the song, the person singing is talking about no longer feeling overlooked by everyone because they are now truly seen for what they feel like is the first time.

7. Replay (2021)

The song can be taken in a couple of different ways. The way most people seem to look at it is that the person singing is talking about replaying something over and over in her head that didn’t go as she had hoped it would go in real life.

However, some of the lyrics also allude to having a chance to do something again that didn’t go entirely right the first time. This might sound like the same thing, but the truth of the matter is that the first take on the song is a rather bleak one. There, the singer is mentally replaying something because there is no hope of fixing it in real life.

If you take things a step further and look at the song on a deeper level, you realize that she might be singing about actually doing something again in order to make it right, not just daydreaming about it in her mind.

6. No Woman No Cry (2022)

This is one of the quintessential songs from the soundtrack of the movie and it is definitely a powerful one. It speaks of finding the strength to dig deep down and remain steadfast, even in the face of such an unspeakable tragedy. You may not know how you will move forward.

At its core, the song talks about finding that inner strength that you might not even be aware of in order to put one foot in front of the other. The idea is to live from one second to the next when you can’t possibly imagine what the next day will bring.

5. Try Me (2019)

Have you ever had someone that just pushes you to your absolute limit until you can’t take it anymore? Perhaps they feel like you’re a pushover because you’ve been too nice or they think you can’t do something and they keep mocking you about it. This is a song that is about these types of situations. The singer is basically saying that anytime someone pushes them by trying to overstep their boundaries or even mock them about something, she will prove them wrong at every turn.

4. Damages (2020)

Unfortunately, we all have those things that have happened to us in life which have left emotional scars. For some people, the scars are bigger than others. That being said, everyone has them. This is a song that talks about a person who thinks of themselves as damaged goods. It also goes on to explore how these damaged people have a tendency to pass that same damage on to others.

3. Crazy Tings (2021)

There are times when you have to just sit back and shake your head, wondering why life is throwing so many things that you all at once. Sometimes, these things happen through no fault of your own and other times, you bring these types of events on yourself directly through your own actions. Either way, things can get crazy, hence the name of the song.

2. Free Mind (2020)

There is something to be said for an individual that is capable of maintaining control over their own thoughts, even in the wake of utter chaos. You might not always be able to control your situation or the people around you, but you can always control what’s running through your mind. This is a song that reminds you of that fact when you need to hear it the most.

1. Higher (2020)

Finally, you have a song that some people have claimed is about nothing more than using substances to achieve a different state of mind. However, you can also take the lyrics another way and think of them as living in such a manner that you don’t allow yourself to be bogged down by the stuff that most people have a tendency to get hung up on. In short, don’t allow others to steal your peace.

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