The 10 Best Josh Groban Songs of All-Time

Josh Groban

When singer-songwriter Josh Groban first came out onto the music scene as a simple teenager in 1997, listeners from all over the world were blown away by the young man’s vocal talent. Born as Joshua Winslow Groban on February 27, 1981, he grew up in Los Angeles, California, within a Christian household. Before even becoming old enough to hold a driver’s license, Groban was already making television appearances and performing music at a professional level. Despite already making a name for himself as vocal talent, Groban still attended college in hopes to study musical theater. However, he left in 1997 after being offered a recording contract. Much has changed since Josh Groban’s humble beginnings which quickly launched him into worldwide stardom, as well as a household name. There are very few easy-listening music fans that haven’t heard of Josh Groban, especially among the Christian community. So far, Groban has sold over 20 million album recordings during the span of his 24-year career that still sees him performing as a solo artist. Josh Groban’s discographic portfolio boasts a total of nine studio albums, four live albums, two compilation albums, and 33 singles that he has so far released.

10. O Holy Night


The concert performance of Josh Groban was officially released as an album on December 3, 2002. The Christmas classic song (O Holy Night) earns top spot with the US Billboard Adult Contemporary chart, as well as global recognition he is just as good as all the other infamous artists who’ve also recorded and released their own versions. This, plus the rest of the tracks on his album (Josh Groban in Concert) has since earned Gold Certification with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

9. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas


According to the US Billboard Adult Contemporary chart, Josh Groban’s rendition of the classic (Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas), earned the number one spot in 2016. The deepness of his voice as he smoothly, yet powerfully delivers one of the most favorite Christmas songs of all time, seems to add even more meaning to the spirit of the holiday season, at least among his fans. This song did not affiliate with an album at the timing of its release.

8. Hidden Away


The album (Illuminations) was first released November 16, 2010, and from it, the single (Hidden Away). On the music charts, it scored at #13 on the US Adult Contemporary, as well as 64th with the UK Singles Chart. There’s no hiding this singer-songwriter’s talent as Groban’s voice powerfully delivers yet another song that fans consider a personal favorite.

7. Silent Night


The first of Josh Groban’s Christmas albums (Noel) was released on October 9, 2007. From it, the song (Silent Night) finds its way into 19th position with the US Billboard Adult Contemporary chart. Groban’s version of this all-time classic Christmas carol is considered among the best ever performed. The album as a whole has sold over six million copies so far and has since earned six times Platinum Certification with the Recording Industry Association of America, six times Platinum Certification with Music Canada, and Gold Certification with Australia Recording Industry Association (ARIA).

6. Brave


Coming from the 2013 album (All That Echos) is the single (Brave), which charts at #12 on the US Billboard Adult Contemporary as well as 64th with the UK Singles Chart. Brave was actually released as the lead single in 2012, just before the album itself came out. This fan favorite is considered to be one of Groban’s most lifting songs when facing troubled times.

5. I’ll Be Home for Christmas


According to Josh Groban fans, nobody can sing Christmas carols quite as he can. As part of his 2007 album titled (Noel), the collection of all-time holiday-related classics managed to catapult Groban as one of the ultimate “go-to” artists to enjoy a good, family Christmas. On the US Billboard US Contemporary chart, it ranked at the very top spot, which is extremely rare for an old Christmas carol to do so.

4. Believe


Josh Groban’s single (Believe) stems from his second album (Closer). In addition to becoming a number one hit on the US Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart in 2004, it was part of the soundtrack from The Polar Express’ soundtrack when that was released during the same year.

3. To Where You Are


Coming from his self-titled debut album is Josh Groban’s first single (To Where You Are), which peaked at number one with US Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart. This same song has also been covered by a number of artists since then, suggesting not only do fans and critics considered it a favorite but other artists within the industry as well.

2. We Are The World for Haiti


This collaborative single was released in 2010 by a number of top recording artists who came together to lend their voices and support towards the relief efforts of the nation known as Haiti. Josh Groban was among those artists, whose voice stands out with nothing less than the star performance he is best known for.

1. You Raise Me Up


The most played and popular song ever to come from Josh Groban would be (You Raise Me Up), which comes from his second album (Closer). The album itself was released on November 11, 2003, and has since achieved 5-time Platinum Certification with RIAA, 4-time Platinum Certification with Music Canada, and single Platinum Certification with ARIA. Gold Certifications have also been received, namely from BPI, IRMA, and RIANZ. As for the single, it has earned RIAA’s Platinum Certification. At the moment, this means well over 6 million copies of this album have been sold, proving to be the most commercially successful the artist has ever produced. This also includes the single, You Raise Me Up as it has so far been his bestseller.

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