The 10 Best Lillian Axe Songs

Have you ever heard about Lillian Axe? If so, you should be familiar with their songs. It is an American hard rock band from New Orleans, Louisiana. The most famous albums they’ve released include Psychoschizophrenia, Poetic Justice, and Love + War. The group entered the limelight in 1983 and is still active to date. However, Michael Max Darby (bassist) and Steve Blaze (guitarist) are the only active members. Below is a ranking of the 10 Best Lillian Axe Songs you might or might not have listened to.

10. True Believer


This song can restore your faith in something. According to Lyrics, “True Believer” was released by Lillian Axe in 1992 from the album, “Poetic Justice.” The 4.27-minute single talks about seasons changing quickly. It’s like Lillian Axe felt like everything is dynamic, and the only thing that remains eternal is how people live with each other. Overall, we find this track empowering, considering the powerful lyrics.

9. Dream of a Lifetime


Everyone has something they wish they could have but have no means. Few people strive to achieve their dreams, and that is what counts. “Dream of a Lifetime” is another cool track from Lillian Axe that talks about people’s daily challenges, but they emerge successfully. You can listen to these lyrics whenever a trying moment tries weighing you down. Whether you feel demotivated and face a hurdle that affects your life, you will emerge victoriously.

8. My Number


If you’re eyeing a special love interest, every time you listen to “My Number” by Lillian Axe, you can’t help humming to your favorite punchlines in stanza two. “And I could show you to my mother, you’re just my mama’s kind. Mama, this girl’s my lover, and she’s one of a kind”. If that isn’t the best punchline a man has ever used to woo you, then no other can.

7. Misery Loves Company


According to Online Radio Box, “Misery Loves Company” is another song by Lillian Axe that talks about the pain people go through and how it spreads to others around them. If there is a situation weighing you down, hanging around sad persons will leave you feeling sad as well. We assume Lillian Axe wanted us to avoid any person coming with bad energy because it’s contagious.

6. The Day I Met You


If there’s anything Lillian Axe is famous for, it is expressing love in poetry. It takes brilliance and talent to write down a love song that will become famous for decades to come. The song “The Day I Met You” takes you back down memory lane when you first met the love of your life. Of course, that is the one thing every one of us can’t take off our minds. This song can occupy your mind when stuck in traffic.

5. She Likes It on Top


“She Likes It on Top” was released on 20th July 1989, and it’s one of the songs featured in the album “Love + War.” At the time, hair metal didn’t exist. Instead, it was just hard rock, and that’s all this song delivers. From the loud crunching guitars, you can tell that the rock band is worth the price. If this song won’t give you a good mood to kickstart your day, no other will.

4. Show a Little Love


“Show a Little Love” is another song we found worth a spot in our playlist, thanks to the heavy metal and lyrics that Lillian Axe disseminated. It was released in 1989, and it’s one of the songs you will find in their album “Love + War.” It doesn’t take rocket science to discover how talented the guitarist Steve Blaze and vocalist Ron Taylor are. Sometimes, it’s good to appreciate music that tells a love story, but the instrumentals used to deliver it have a way of setting you in the mood. This track comes in handy if you’re in the mood to appreciate your love interest.

3. The Promised Land


When you want to set the mood to achieve greatness, “The Promised Land” is everything you want to hear when you have a situation that’s trying to weigh you down. It tells a story about a man trying to woo a woman who doesn’t seem interested in him. It’s hard to imagine what men go through as they pursue women who don’t reciprocate their love. We hope the situation will change with time, considering how modern times have changed how people perceive situations.

2. Dyin’ to Live (Shades of Blue)


Almost all songs in Lillian Axe’s album “Poetic Justice” have a deep story to tell, and the song “Dyin’ to Live” isn’t an exception. Upon listening to the song’s lyrics, you can’t help but notice how poetic they are. For example, they say, “

“But maybe now

When you lose control

You’ll see what I could give

Trapped inside your heart

I’m dyin’ to live.”

Now try to imagine someone who doesn’t appreciate the little things you do for them. doesn’t it feel demoralizing. We believe Lillian Axe couldn’t have put it any better.

1. Crucified


Released in 1993, “Crucified” is more of a compilation of advice from a rock band that has seen it all. It is no wonder this song ranked number one on this list. It talks about people standing their ground and staying strong in their beliefs, especially in the face of adversity. If you’re going through a rough patch in life, just know that no one is strong enough to navigate painful situations in today’s world. It only takes a strong belief system to navigate life.


According to Mozaart, Lillian Axe has released three albums titled Love + War, Justice, Psychoschizophrenia. Even though they disbanded their band in 1995, their music lives on. It’s been long since we heard from them, but what matters is that their ten best songs will never age. All you need to do is listen to each one and come up with your verdict.

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