Bring Me The Horizon talks about new music “evolving every day”

Bring Me The Horizon shares new details about their new music evolving every day. They’re already back to the studio to make a new album.

The Yorkshire rockers want to make new songs and album soon. They’ve already released its sixth album “Amo” in January 2019. But the BMTH gonna follow their new ideas with astonishing visuals again. BMTH recently joined the BRIT Awards 2020 on February 18th. In the event, Oli Sykes as a frontman of the band talks about their new music and ideas. He speaks to NME at this event and answers the questions.

In this interview, the reporter asks about what happens and the musical direction of the Bring Me The Horizon and Oly Sykes replied:

First, he added about the new music “evolving every day” then added:

“The concept and the idea of what we’re thinking is different every day. We thought we might have an idea of where we want to take it, and I think there’s just gonna be a cosmic force that pulls us in different ways, so it’s gonna be unexpected again, I think.”

However, in this event, BMTH was nominated for Best British Group at the ceremony but lost to the Foals band. You can watch Oly Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon interview.

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  1. Amo was released in January of 2019. How do you get the release date wrong for the album you’re writing about and then publish it for many to read….

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