The 10 Best Billie Eilish Songs of All-Time

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish was born on December 18, 2001, in Los Angeles, California. Eilish’s first awards were in 2019, MTV Video Awards, American Music Awards, and Billboard’s nomination for Woman of the Year. However, her proudest moment was when she made history as the first woman to win each major category, Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best New Artist at the 2020 Grammy’s. She also won Best Pop Vocal Album. She took home two additional Grammys in 2021, including Record of the Year. Aside from standing out as an award-winning singer, she also has a unique fashion sense, preferring to wear oversized clothing, helping her remain the polar opposite of a budding pop star. Even though Eilish has only been in the spotlight for several years, she’s already amassed a sizable collection of hits. These are the top 10 Billie Eilish songs of all-time.

10. Your Power


There is some speculation about the mystery person in the song. Many people think it’s Eilish’s ex-boyfriend, Los Angeles rapper Brandon 7:Amp” Adams. One of the reasons for speculation is that some of Eilish’s lyrics are about someone who dates an underage girl. “Your Power” was the third single on “Happier Than Ever,” released on April 29, 2021. After writing it, Eilish felt people had the opposite reaction she expected; despite her sadness during the writing process, many people thanked her for it. Most likely, it’s because so many people can identify with being in toxic relationship situations.

9. My Future


Like many artists during the pandemic, Eilish turned her time in quarantine into art. She wrote this song during lockdown with her brother. The lyrics reflect hope for the future and wonder what getting out after the pandemic. Additionally, she channels her feelings of boredom and missing being a part of the world. Eilish also added lyrics that are messages of hope to her fans. Since she had so much time, she recorded the song in several days with her brother. Her song’s first performance was at the Democratic National Convention on August 20, 2020, with her brother on the keyboard.

8. Getting Older


This song is the debut track from her album “Happier Than Ever.” Much of the album draws from Eilish’s previous experience in abusive relationships. One of the best things about Eilish is she channels her pain into power instead of truing her lyrics into melancholy reflections of all the things she went through. Additionally, the song is about the wisdom we gain as we get older and gain more experience.

7. I Didn’t Change My Number


Many women fall victim to a pretty face who turns out to be shallow and ugly on the inside. Eilish has a way of penning power anthems that help women take charge of situations instead of playing the victim. The source of inspiration for this song was her personal assistant Laura, which was almost the song’s title.

6. Therefore I Am


Eilish first performed this song on the American Music Awards wearing much the same thing she wore in the video. Like many other songs in her catalog, there is an air of defiance in the lyrics. The title of the song is taken from seventeenth-century philosopher Rene Descartes’ theories about skepticism. Eilish twists his words into a double-edged sword, lyrically taking swipes at people who don’t know her but feel the need to place control and boundaries on her.

5. Oxytocin


The title of this song is about the hormone we release when we are happy, including falling in love. Eilish twists the meaning of being content with someone and feeling the rush of being in love. Yet, she asks the man she falls for to leave before he breaks her heart. Instead of wanting to continue the hormone release, Eilish alludes to only needing it for a short time to satiate a primal urge.

4. Lost Cause


According to Distractify, Lost Cause is most likely a female power anthem because most of the video features Eilish dancing with her friends. Additionally, the lyrics are about knowing someone is wrong for you and are nothing they say they are. One standout is that the video and song differ substantially. The song has a moody feel, while the video seems optimistic. Perhaps it shows that having friends makes things much more manageable even in the middle of a less than optimal situation.

3. Billie Bossanova


Billie Bossanova is another stylized song from Eilish’s catalog. She uses the bossa nova to evoke the feelings a clandestine affair evokes. Her brother Finneas created the bossa nova track that threads through the song, which began the music. However, it took Eilish a year and a half before she did anything with it. Eventually, the song became an idealized lucid dream.

2. NDA


This song is a twist on a non-disclosure agreement. At one point, these were only for people higher up in the company. However, they began filtering down to other people in the organization, becoming a political issue over time. Eilish’s lyrics are also about her struggle to deal with fame. The song’s second verse is Eilish musing about giving up everything she’s worked for and moving to a deserted island. Another piece of the music is inviting a stranger over and asking him to sign a non-disclosure binding him not to leak where he was. One of the best things about these songs and others on the album is that Eilish has an implicit understanding that all people may not understand her topics, so she weaves in emotions that help people connect.

1. Happier Than Ever


According to Story of a Song, Eilish said, “Happier Than Ever,” probably the most therapeutic song I’ve ever written or recorded.” Many people find themselves in relationships that they want to leave; this song celebrates the happiness you feel after seeing the strength to get out of the relationship. The instrumentation for the song is pop-punk. It peaked at #11 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Rock & Alternative Songs.

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